[SHO] 다오메이커 Adaswap

불장이 오는 것인지. 다오메이커에서 연이어서 SHO를 하네요.

퍼블릭 대상으로 한 것도 있으니 관심있으신분들은 확인해보시길.

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@deer3 transfered 15 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 100.00%, voting power : 21.07%, steem power : 1948793.40, STU KRW : 1200.
@deer3 staking status : 7600 KRWP
@deer3 limit for KRWP voting service : 7.6 KRWP (rate : 0.001)
What you sent : 15 KRWP (Voting Percent over 100 %)
Refund balance : 10.32 KRWP [63000915 - a74b51df63b4ee6515ee991e081a200dc5c153a1]