Need HELP -> Steem KRWP Swap Problem - SCT Admin Helps Please

in SteemCoinPan •  5 months ago 

Hi there,

I need help from sct admin to look for my steem krwp swap from yesterday transaction, the swap is not completed.

I already make a post yerterday but it may not see by admin team so I made the new one hope they see and can help me now.

if anyone can help or refer to sct admin, please help

Here is the transaction

Hope this post can solve my problem,

Thanks in advance.

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@dknkyz transfered 0.1 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 1.30%, voting power : 41.73%, steem power : 2060373.98, STU KRW : 1200.
@dknkyz staking status : 67 KRWP
@dknkyz limit for KRWP voting service : 0.067 KRWP (rate : 0.001)
What you sent : 0.1 KRWP
Refund balance : 0.033 KRWP [69105848 - c16b5aced48e70f704d8a712e4d4112d2a8c8fca]