[SteemPunks] The 1st Generative NFTs are coming to Steem!


Hello Steemians! We are very excited to introduce SteemPunks, the first NFT project on the Steem blockchain. Behind the project team are the @upvu service developers, who have been delegated the most SP in the Steem community, and the team members of @dev.supporters, one of the main witnesses.

Our mission is very simple and clear.

To provide something for Steemians to enjoy, and to revitalize the Steem ecosystem by doing so.

In this post, we will guide you on details related to SteemPunks' Genesis Minting event.

What is SteemPunks?


"SteemPunks" is the first NFT based on the Steem blockchain based on the Cryptopunk Classic series that was born on the Ethereum mainnet in 2017 and opened the mega-trend of Generative NFT and Profile NFT.

Similar to Cryptopunk, there are a total of 10,000 unique digital characters created by random random combinations, which can be stored, transferred, traded between users, etc. via the Steem Keychain Wallet or the upcoming marketplace.

Main Features


  • The First NFT based on Steem : "SteemPunks" is the first NFT to be minted on the Steem blockchain. Starting with this, various series of additional NFTs will appear. The new editions will be created with a completely new and unique design.

  • No whitelist/Rug-pull : Steempunks' genesis minting event is conducted without a whitelist, so anyone can participate. In addition, all minting revenues are used only for SteemPower-up.

  • NFT infra development : Starting with SteemPunks, Steem Keychain wallet function update, NFT viewer, transfer, marketplace, etc. are in progress. In addition, those who are interested or talented in design or illustration can publish and sell their own NFTs on Steem.

Genesis Mint Event


① Date : 2022. 3. 17. 21:00 KST (UTC+9)

② Website : TBA 1 day prior to the start of the event

③ Quantity : 9,000

  • SteemPunks are sold in pack of 10 NFTs.
  • 10% of the total will be allocated for the development team and community events.
  • Thus, a total of 900 packs will be sold.
  • Genesis minting event does not support single NFT purchases.

④ Procedure : Divide into 3 Rounds and proceed on a FCFS basis.

  • 1st Round : 100 packs (1,000 pieces)
  • 2nd Round : 300 packs (3,000 pieces)
  • 3rd Round : 500 packs (5,000 pieces)

⑤ Minting Price

The starting price is 30 STEEM per NFT, and the price increases by 10 STEEM at the end of each Round. So 1 pack of 10 NFTs would cost below.

  • 1st Round = 300 STEEM / 1 pack
  • 2nd Round = 400 STEEM / 1 pack
  • 3rd Round = 500 STEEM / 1 pack

⑥ Additional Information

  • Steem Keychain Chrome Extension or Steem Keychain Mobile wallet is required to participate.

  • You can purchase a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 packs per transaction.

  • Detailed information will not be disclosed in the 1st Round. Additional information, such as operating policies, holder benefits will be revealed before the next round begins.

Sneak peek

cards pack.png

Unlike the existing profile NFT, the reason why it is sold in a pack method is to provide participants with a choice to choose from a wider variety of characters while at the same time having fun collecting multiple characters.

After purchasing the pack, you can open it as above and each pack contains 10 SteemPunk NFTs with a random chance.


After opening the pack, you can flip the card over to check your Steempunk, and you can freely use your favorite character as your Steemit profile image. Steempunk is divided into 4 grades such as Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, depending on the rarity.

Steempunk is just the beginning of new fun and entertainment in the Steem ecosystem. New things that our team has been developing for quite will be delivered soon, so it's good to look forward to it.

If you have additional questions, please leave a comment on this post.

Thanks a lot for your support!

If you would like to support SteemPunks' new movement, please help by delegating SteemPower to @steem-punks.

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Hey. I have a question regarding where the NFT meta-data is going to be hosted. A new L2 or are we going to have it on the existing steem-engine?

Ty for your interest @starlord28. Our team is contemplatinng among several options about this. For example, there is a way to host NFT meta-data in other public chain(like Ethereum, BNB chain or polygon) and connect it with a bridge, or there is a method to host it in a separate l2 like steem-engine. What is clear is that there are no plans to use the existing se. As you know se is currently in a neglected state and there is a risk that the service may be terminated at any time.

Our team believes that development should be carried out based on demand, and we think the most important thing is to figure out how big the current Steem community (active user) actually is. In addition, we plan to investigate whether users want UX or technical perfection one by one.