Bilancino's lake

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This long weekend, in the company of the friends I mentioned in previous posts, we took a few walks. Honestly, I don't like to do those long hikes in the woods or around, I mostly like wandering around, seeing places, being interested in its history, culture, etc., all of which can be used without great effort! If they take me to a forest or to some desert land, everyone already knows that I will only complain ... friends make fun of me because they know it and let's go on like this! I don't like uncomfortable things ... * Of course de gustibus, everyone is free to do what they want without forcing others. * I will always be there that I will try to make them change their mind, fun opportunity to make fun of themselves. If I give up, they already know that I will be a constant lament. 🤣😅😂🙄
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The Bilancino Lake

Having made the necessary premise, we decided on several destinations and the one that exactly matched everyone's needs was to go to Lake Bilancino. I did not know in the least about its existence and it was also a nice surprise.

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The lake is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, near Florence. It is an artificial lake created by a barrier of the Sieve river, created in the late seventies to avoid the flooding of the Arno and meet the water needs of the city of Florence. Over the years it has undergone various changes which saw the rise of equipped areas. Allafi fine has created a real lake with a naturalistic oasis managed by the WWF.

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The lake has been open to the public for just over 20 years, and is currently one of the largest water basins in Italy: it includes equipped beaches, areas for water sports such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing and kayaking and also areas dedicated to trekking and mountain bikes. The sea of ​​Mugello is called, and although it is certainly not the best for me and an excellent solution for those who, like us, want to have a relaxing day experimenting with some sports without going too far.

Selectivity: not arrogance but elegance.

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how are you dear friend @elikast good afternoon
What beautiful images you make known to us
They are passionate about nature, places like these I am passionate about visiting, and if in the company of friends much better
I appreciate that you gave us to know these images and their information
I wish you a wonderful weekend