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As I continue to explore the world of SCT, I go deeper into the Manual provided on the website, which can be found here:
[공지]스팀코인판 사용 설명서 V 0.1 (Steemcoinpan Ecosystem Manual V 0.1)

I left off with Article 1 & 2 here:
SteemCoinPan: An Alt App With An Alt Ecosystem

I will now continue with Article 3:


3.토큰 이코노미(token economy)
(1) SCT, 1일 발행 수량
19,200 SCT
공급 수량은 매년 50 %씩 감소되는 구조로 설계되어 있습니다.
공급 수량 감소율은 사용자 규모와 SCT 가격에 따라 향후 변경될 수 있습니다.

  • 3.Token Economy
    (3.1) SCT: Quantity issued per day - 19,200 SCT
    The supply quantity is designed to be reduced by 50% every year. The rate of decrease in the supply quantity may change in the future depending on the user base size and SCT price.
    Translated through Google, edited by @famigliacurione. We apologize for any mistranslations.

Notes: none


(2) SCT, 1일 발행 수량 분배
큐레이터 : 35%
저자 : 35%
베네피셔리(@sct.admin) : 10%
개발 기금( : 5%
기본보팅재원(@sct.curator) : 2.5%
추천 저자 보팅재원(sct.awa) : 2.5%
SCTM 마이닝 : 10%

  • (3.2) SCT: Distribution of quantity issued per day in %
    Curators: 35%
    Authors: 35%
    Beneficiary (@sct.admin): 10%
    Development Fund ( 5%
    Basic Voting Resources (@sct.curator): 2.5%
    Recommended Author Voting [???Jaewon???] (sct.awa): 2.5%
    SCTM Mining: 10%
    Translated through Google, edited by @famigliacurione. We apologize for any mistranslations.

Notes: As with most Steem Engine Tribes, there are rewards for authors and curators, much like Steemit. Here, however, the tokens are distributed to other aspects of the app
and community development which I still do not understand. This system is far more complicated than most of the other Tribes.


(3) SCT 토큰의 수요와 공급
SCT 공급 및 수요(소각 포함)에 대해서 살펴보겠습니다. 공급 요소로는 큐레이션 보상(35%), SCTM 마이닝(10%), 개발기금(5%), 베네피셔리(10%) 등이 있습니다. 포스팅피, 홍보 소각 비용, 스왑수수료 등은 수요에 해당합니다.

포스팅 피 : 스팀코인판 커뮤니티에 포스팅 하기 위해서는 포스팅피(현재 1 SCT)를 결제하거나 @sct.krwp 계정으로 베네피셔리를 설정해야 합니다. 베니피셔리는 100%로 설정해야 하며, 이 경우 포스팅 피는 무료입니다.

홍보 비용(소각): 커뮤니티 구성원은 자신의 글을 홍보하는데 SCT를 사용할 수 있습니다. 홍보 비용은 @null 계정으로 보내져서 전량 소각되며, 비용은 SCT로만 결제할 수 있습니다. 또한, 홍보 된 포스팅은 @sct.min 계정에서 업보팅을 지원(홍보 비용 점유율 기준)하고 있습니다.

저자 보상: 페이아웃 시점에 확인된 SCT 저자 보상 부분을 KRWP로 환산해 지급합니다. 환산 기준으로 활용된 SCT 저자 보상 수량은 @sct.krwp 계정으로 누적되고 있습니다.

스왑 수수료: 스팀코인판 사이트 내에서 제공하는 스왑 시스템을 이용해 SCT, SCTM, KRWP 토큰 등의 토큰을 다른 토큰과 스왑할 수 있으며, 스왑 과정에서 일정 비율의 수수료가 부과됩니다.

  • (3.3) Supply and Demand of SCT Tokens: let's look at the SCT supply and demand (including token burning). Supply factors include Curation Rewards (35%), SCTM Mining (10%), Development Fund (5%) and Beneficiary (10%). Posting fees, promotional burning costs, swap fees, etc. are demand.
    Posting Fee: to create a post on the SteemCoinPan Community App, you must pay a posting fee (currently 1 SCT), or you can avoid this fee by setting the @sct.krwp account as the beneficiary. The beneficiary should be set to 100%, in which case creating a post is free.
    Promotional Fee (Burn): Community members can use SCT to promote their posts. Promotional fees will be sent to the @null account and will be 100% burned, and the fee can only be paid with SCT. In addition, promoted posts are supported by the @sct.min account (based on the amount paid).
    Author Compensation: the portion of SCT author compensation confirmed at the time of payout is converted into KRWP and paid into the KRWP wallet. The amount of SCT author compensation used as a conversion standard is accumulated in the @sct.krwp account.
    Swap Fee: you can swap tokens, such as the SCT, SCTM and KRWP, with other tokens using the swap system provided within the SteemCoinPan site; a certain percentage of the fee is charged during the swap process.
    Translated through Google, edited by @famigliacurione. We apologize for any mistranslations.

Notes: As you can see, the system is very different from what you may be used to with other Tribes, Communities and Steemit itself. This may account for the success of this system, as its complicated layout may make it difficult to exploit. As I learn and understand more through experience and study, I will share more insights with those who follow these posts. This Article 3 will be continued in a future post.


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