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Your bus journey to work takes one hour. You work for two hours, then take the bus home from the bus stop next to where you work .The bus timetables to and from work are shown below.
You want to make the time between getting on the bus to work and getting off the bus from work as short as possible. Which bus should you take to work in order to achieve this ?
Please choose the departure time of this bus.


Rule same as last time : leave your answer below , the first 10 correct will get 0.1 steem reward. End before the next puzzle .

規則如同上一次一樣,在下面留下你的答案,前10名答對的朋友會得到0.1 steem的獎勵,截至下一期謎題發出前。

昨天謎題的答案是4號,答對的朋友@windowglass , @chengman2020, 0.1 steem 已轉到你們賬戶啦~

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0.1 steem转给你了哦,活动就不继续了,没人玩~