Darthknight = blocktrades = alpha = ... so on.

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I wrote yesterday regarding @darthknight's hive article: Re: Darthknight

If he really wanted to find a quick solution, he would have contacted jayplayco immediately, as lots of users (including myself) suggested.

As far as I know, no response at all. Weird, isn't it?

So in the meantime, I tried to collect some info, and found surprising facts that I will share with you here.

For a quick summary.

The main logic who supported darthknight was like this:

  1. darthknight (probably) made a mistake in setting powerdown(withdrawal) route (to bittrix).

  2. bittrix is an old account, allegedly a scam/phishing account that aims for typos.

and as I wrote in the previous article, one needs to confirm two things to proceed:

  1. darthknight himself should declare that it was his mistake and he did not mean to send it to bittrix.

  2. it needs to be confirmed that bittrix is not owned by the owner of darthknight (in other words, "alt")

1. Who is @kevtorin, to whom darthknight initially set power down route?

Let's start from the very action - powerdown route setting.

He changed the beneficiary from kevtorin to bittrix.

Wait, what? @kevtorin? what is this account?

Given that he initially set the route to kevtorin, it is natural to assume that kevtorin is his alt, or at least it is a very close user who shares the account.

and steemd result clearly shows that kevtorin is one the very old accounts who participated in "ninja-mining" (pow) from March 2016, more than 4 years ago.

But as darthknight said in his posting Hello Steem!! 2 months ago, he is a newcomer (the posting starts with "I am new here").

How can they know each other, if we take what darthknight said as face value?

  • kevtorin has not written any post/comments, so it is impossible that they knew each other through posting/comments.

2. kevtorin, alpha, blocktrades share the same poloniex memo

kevtorin has sent steem to poloniex several times, with wallet address(memo) 6f9cf0a77c0e5207. For example,

Let's use https://steemworld.org/transfer-search to find out who else uses this (if you haven not used it before, just click the link, put 6f9cf0a77c0e5207 on memo, and click search)

Most recent transactions are from alpha and blocktrades to poloniex.

What? Are they sharing the wallet?

3. Binance memo shows even more alts of blocktrades

okay, let's see which wallet, or memo, darthknight uses. In fact, he sent Steem to Binance (deepcrypto8) right before making the power down route change.

So who uses 101130147 memo?

Blocktrades, alpha, ashleigh, cleta, anastacia, etc. A lot.

So who are these accounts?

Again, thanks to the help of wonderful tool steemworld.org (thank you @steemchiller!), you can find them easily what blocktrades did.

hm, so blocktrades initially set the powerdown route to alpha, anastacia, ashleigh, and cleta, and changed to bittrex.

(1) They are sharing the same exchange wallet address(memo)

(2) They share the withdrawal route.

Do we need any more evidence to conclude that these are owned by the same person(or entity)?

  • If you need more, for instance, alpha is owned by blocktrades for sure (see the memo "owed payment to blocktrades")

  • Oh, and by the way, blocktrades set withdraw route at 4/4 15:04, and darthknight did the same thing at 4/4 15:09. 5 minutes difference... would it be a mere coincidence?


4. Darthknight is an alt of blocktrades

Sharing the same exchange wallet, and sharing the withdrawal routes.

Do you need any more evidence?

Blocktrades owns darthknight, alpha, anastacia, ashleigh, cleta, kevtorin, and so on.

Darthknight(blocktrades) blatantly lied from the very beginning, pretending as if he is a "newcomer". Disgusting.

5. Now I would not be surprised even if bittrix is another alt of blocktrades

Given that darthknight is a liar from the start, now we need to revisit his other claims.

Think about it. If you are really a new investor who powered up lots of STEEM and about to change the withdrawal path, wouldn't you double/triple check?

Was it a real "mistake"?

Or was it intended? I mean, isn't it possible that blocktrades also owns this account called bittrix and pretends as if he made a mistake?

6. Conclusion, and thank you for @belgianchocolate and @steemchiller

Darthknight is an alt of blocktrades, and he lied.

There is no proof that bittrix is not an alt of blocktrades.

Thus, I have no interest in helping this liar from now on, especially given that it is caused from his own "mistake".

  • @belgianchocolate: I really appreciate for sharing the information that initiated this search. As I wrote as a reply, I set you as 90% beneficiary for this post.

  • @steemchiller: without your extremely useful tool, steemworld.org, I would not have done this search. I set you as 10% beneficiary for this post to thank you.

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Wait.. let me get this straight:

darthknight himself should declare that it was his mistake and he did not mean to send it to bittrix.
it needs to be confirmed that bittrix is not owned by the owner of darthknight (in other words, "alt")

Why? Can you explain why he can't just change his withdrawal route like any user?

There is no proof that bittrix is not an alt of blocktrades.

There is no proof that you don't wear your mama's panties - ergo you wear them?

Overall it seems that @blocktrades is not allowed to have alts - why? And why his stake was frozen? Please explain this to me.

To be clear - I don't know who @blocktrades is. I'm simply worried that if his and other users funds can be frozen without any reason, then what's the point of keeping your money here? So if there's any reason to freeze those users funds, please reveal them to me.

darthknight himself should declare that it was his mistake and he did not mean to send it to bittrix.

Well, he attempted to fix it, but his account is frozen by witnesses, so operation failed.

    database.cpp:3470 _apply_transaction

    database.cpp:3498 _apply_transaction
153516ms db_with.hpp:103               ~pending_transaction ] {"ref_block_num":34431,"ref_block_prefix":1566132272,"expiration":"2020-04-04T10:02:33","operations":[{"type":"set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation","value":{"from_account":"darthknight","to_account":"bittrix","percent":0,"auto_vest":false}}],"extensions":[],"signatures":["1f6b3b96b19fc4e64fc28cb513454f2f140e05e7d750d9069b3cd56352cf04bb8b2ecc4956170c31fab4b8875eed313629120c15247a84af39b3e7abe3974a76c7"]}




Can we get the new steem witnesses to block you from playing splinterlands! I mean, if we are going to make up bullshit reasons, why not to help boost me up the rankings! :-)

Lol no! ;-)

Their logic or lack thereof is dizzying. Their justification for their actions is simply proving that there is a correlation between accounts they don't understand. Who the fuck cares!

Hey it's @joshman posting with his alt. Better block me!!!! Oh damn, I just outed myself.

20200409 14_09_41Joshman's Alter Ego  joshmania _ SteemPeak  Brave.png

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I don't care about old witnesses, I want to know why users funds on steem are being frozen.

Are you trying to imply that new steem witnesses can do this because old ones did (the ninja mined stake by the way). If someone steals from you, does it mean you can steal too?

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Lol you accuse of other people for avoiding your questions, yet you are doing the same. It seems like you already have a set agenda and are unwilling to engage in a meaningful discussion unlike some of the other folks, so i dont see the point of going back and forth with you.

Nice try. Again - I don't care about hive, I want to know why users funds can be frozen on STEEM. Can you tell me or not?

I think I can answer that question sir. The primary concern of a witness is to secure the blockchain, produce blocks and make sure the assets of your stakeholders are safe.
If an outside threat attacks the blockchain, witnesses need to do everything they can to protect us from that.
As you may have noticed, there is/was an attack on the Steem blockchain.
If by any means necessary means that certain accounts need to be blocked for certain transactions, so be it.
It is the same logic the previous witnesses used to freeze an investor's fund. Dpos (I know its a bitch) gives the power to the ones with the most stake, in this case JS. So if our biggest stakeholder believes these actions need to be taken to protect your, mine and everyone's interest in this chain, he can choose to vote for witnesses who are willing to go that far.
If elected witnesses believe the threat is severe enough to justify these account restrictions, they can run this code. Dpos, again.

Can you show me some examples of this attack?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

I think i have attempted to answer this question multiple times and you keep ignoring the answer and harp on the same points. You may not like the answer or disagree, but ignorance is not an option. Have a nice day man. Bye.

They can because others did it - OK... That's stupid.

Please don't argue with him. He is one of the crazy few

If more than 17/20 witnesses agree on, whatever can be done in steem. That is the law here.

I never said im proud of what has happened here. At the same time you need to acknowledge that the guy who stole first has also committed a crime. Thats all im asking.

Seems like everyone is shitting on the second person who stole back and just condoning the instigator. Is a fair repesentation of the facts too much to ask for?

i will tell you what is the difference. when they freezed steemit funds they wrote we are freezing funds that were sold of the market and that ned promised to be used for development of the chain. tron foundation is making posts on social networks about swapping steem coin for tron token and moving steem blockchain to tron. we are freezing the funds until we get more information on all of this.
I could agree or disagree on this, but it was said clearly.

Now witnesses froze 8 accounts and the statment was, there was a threth to the steem blockchain, we will not tell you what it was, you need to believe us (if you think i am making this up, one of the witnesses replied to me with "As time moves on, you’ll find out the answer.")

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

no, nothing to do with announcements.
all you said could be right, but that does not change the fact that current witnesses froze private funds with no explanation. Is it a BS explanation or explanation that has more logic in it is something different.

old witnesses wrote the reasons, you can read them in my previous comment. new witnesses froze accounts with no explanation just because they can. so 20 people decided to froze funds because they don't like someone and 1 man made sure that no one can change that.
And witnesses are playing dead. users deserve to know what is the threat to the chain so they can act on it.

BlockTrades is an exchange, and most of the accounts you have listed here are likely ones that belong to their exchange. It is actually a smart business practice for an exchange to split their funds across multiple accounts, to reduce the risk of potential hacks. I don't see anything about BlockTrades having multiple accounts that in of itself speaks of anything evil..

Is it possible that all of these linked transactions can be explained by users who are buying and selling Steem via the BlockTrades.us exchange? The ones using the same memo are obviously the same user, but not everybody sending funds to and from those accounts is using the same memo. Lots of different users are sending and receiving funds to the exchange accounts. For example, even @ned sent funds to @alpha a while back..

If you go to BlockTrades.us and create an account, you can buy a token like STEEM/HIVE through their exchange (STEEM is currently disabled for obvious reasons). If as a user I want to buy STEEM with another currency (such as BTC or ETH) and have my STEEM sent directly to Binance, I am able to put my Binance memo into the Blocktrades exchange site, and buy the STEEM from Blocktrades.

(The image currently shows ETH->HIVE, but ETH->STEEM would work the same way when enabled.)


If I were to submit this trade, Blocktrades would fill the order from one of their accounts, and send my STEEM to the Binance exchange with the memo I supplied. You would see a transaction coming out of one of their exchange accounts with my STEEM going into the exchange using my memo.

Mr. @timcliffe, do you really believe so?

As you will say, exchanges are spread across multiple accounts to reduce risk. This is a part that everyone admits.
However, no one is making a direct deposit to the exchange account.

Why did he deposit money directly into the blocktrades' Binance account?
Usually darthknight-> blocktrades-> binance, isn't this a reasonable way?

And why does he power down with @kevtorin? How did @darthknight who recently started steemit get to know @kevtorin and set it up? This is not common.
Isn't it? Because @kevtorin is a very inactive account. I can't figure out who @kevtorin is unless it's someone associated with that account.
But couldn't it be a long time since @darthknight started Steam, could he set it up for him?

And who is @kevtorin? The account has existed since Steem's Pow for a long time, and it seems to be a very close account with @blocktrades when you see various circumstances.
What do you think of it?

I respect you. I know you tried for the Steem glory. I would like your opinion once again.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

However, no one is making a direct deposit to the exchange account.

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by this. Can you please show me an example of where you see this?

Why did he deposit money directly into the blocktrades' Binance account?

I do not believe that the Binance account is blocktrades'. What I see is a user depositing money into their own Binance account (from their own account), and the same user also buying STEEM off of the Blocktrades exchange and having the STEEM they purchased from the BlockTrades exchange deposited into their same Binance account.

And why does he power down with @kevtorin? How did @darthknight who recently started steemit get to know @kevtorin and set it up? This is not common.

I don't know. It could be a friend. If I heard that all of the witnesses on Steem were going to freeze the funds in my account, I would be really scared. I would probably panic and try to send them anywhere that I thought would be safe.

But couldn't it be a long time since @darthknight started Steam, could he set it up for him?

Yes, it is possible. We don't know.

The account has existed since Steem's Pow for a long time, and it seems to be a very close account with @blocktrades when you see various circumstances.

Can you clarify what you mean by "a very close account"? Again, @blocktrades is an exchange account. Thousands of users (myself included) transfer funds in and out of that account.

How can you live with yourself, you scammy shit!!! Lying... and lying!!!

Can you please point to a single place where I have lied?

appreciate the reply. It will take me a bit of time to review, but I will read it and reply there.

Do you mean Blocktrade take the active key of the user account to transfer the tokens on their behalf?

The same memo key means the same Binance account.
If darthknight and blocktrades use the same Binance account, that means they're the same person (unless they're sharing the same Binance account because they're family members)


  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Do you mean Blocktrade take the active key of the user account to transfer the tokens on their behalf?


  • @darthknight used their active key when they transferred tokens from @darthknight
  • The transfers from @alpha and @blocktrades may have been @darthknight buying tokens from BlockTrades.us and using the 101130147 memo to have the tokens sent to their Binance account after they made the purchase.

People will not fall for your scammy explanations.

There are people that are making assertions in the posts and comments here. I am raising questions and pointing out alternative explanations that demonstrate the assertions they are making might not be true.

And are you going to use the memo of your OWN Binance account or you give the Binance account of the exchange?

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

I would use the memo of my own Binance account if I was buying tokens to send to my Binance account. What are you referring to in terms of "give the Binance account of the exchange?"

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Darthknight used the memo of the Binance account of blocktrades.

What makes the memo "the memo of the Binance account of blocktrades"?

If I would sent 100 steem to blocktrades, I would use MY OWN Binance memo to get it in MY wallet.

No, this is not the scenario I am describing. If Darthknight was BUYING STEEM with another token such as ETH or BTH, and having their STEEM sent to the Binance exchange, then the purchased STEEM would be going out of the Blocktrades account into Binance.

Wooooooooooot!!! How dare you... you clown... piece of shit, go away to your HIVE friends!!!

I am not your enemey

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Yes and in nearly 4 years Darth would be the ONLY one using this method.

Are you sure? Users buy tokens off one exchange and have them sent to another exchange all the time.

Why on earth would Darth be THAT stupid to pay a shit ton of fees to blocktrades if he could have just sent it directly to an exchange he used before?

The fees aren't actually that high. I actually use the BlockTrades.us exchange quite a bit. There can often be arbitrage opportunities between different exchanges. Traders may see an opportunity to buy tokens from one exchange and move them to another in order to sell into a higher price or expected pump.

You, I, we all know this is the same person performing the transactions, or at the very least the same entity.

No.. We really don't. That is my point. You are assuming it is, but that does not necessarily make it true.

I am new! I know how cli works and can set a withdrawal route to an exchange without memo. You know how to do this, a regular user dont.

Just because someone is new does not mean they are not well informed and technically capable. There are also a lot of users on the platform who may have reached out and offered them guidance or helped them learn how to do more advanced things.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Keep fighting the good fight. I really appreciate it.

Pretty sure, otherwise hunderds of accounts should have come up when searching for THIS particular memo. It were only these accounts. Coincidentally all known accounts from Blocktrades.

I don't know why you would assume that. If Darthknight's only transfers into the exchange were the ones from their own account and times they purchased from the Blocktrades exchange, then you would not see the memo used in other places.

As a trader myself, I know about the arbitrage, and its smal percentages. Fees from this exchange are high, so I bet you gonna wait a long time for the right opportunity to make a percentage. I know for a fact my time is better spend.

I agree it is an unusual thing to do, but it is not outside the realm of possibility. We really don't know the exact market conditions at the time of the transactions, or what was going through the user's head. Also, not every move that traders make is necessarily smart :)

I do, apparently, the current blockproducers and investors feel the same.

Yes, I get that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and allowed to make decisions and take actions based on their opinions. It does not mean they are right though.

Reached out? I have actually checked that and cant find a thing. The only things darthknight did was spamming and abusing.

I know multiple people that got in contact with them between the time the soft-fork was enabled and when their accounts were frozen. They seem to have a desire to remain somewhat anonymous so it is not surprising that you are not finding a trail of communication, but there are other stakeholders that they are in communication with.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

A reason I am fighting on this side.

Yeah, in my view it is unfortunate that we are "fighting" at all.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Yes indeed tim... whats more sad is we are going to be divided further going forward. I will definitely miss bright and reasonable guys who wont be on this platform anymore.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Congratulations Sherlock Holmes, now how does this justify freezing his accounts based upon the following premise:

20200407 11_26_24The Truth Behind “Steem Takeover”  TRON Foundation  Medium  Brave.png

Whether it is an anonymous blocktrades account or it is an individual making some deal with blocktrades, it is none of your business. 'Let's block him from from withdrawing funds / changing routes, because we think he might be up to something sneaky', is no justification.

I'll wait for your reply regarding 'what about this?' and 'what about that?'. Because your only justification thus far is that it was previously done to the dev fund bought by Justin Sun. If you are accusing the people who did that of not having principles, then neither do you. That makes you a hypocrite.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Ok so we dont have principles. But would you admit that old witnesses are criminals too then? Otherwise you would be a hypocrite as well.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

I'm not debating an opinion of what constitutes a crime or who I consider is a criminal. That would be within the purview of a judge to decide in whatever jurisdiction he or she presides over.

Both sides in the prior event had an arguable claim to the development fund, so it most likely would have resulted in a civil decision not a criminal one. How does this particular action (22.8888) equate to an arguable claim on restricting the funds of @blocktrades or @darthknight? They are merely using the prior act as justification, which is a deeply flawed one in my opinion. An action such as this with no demonstrable claim would constitute more of a crime in my opinion, especially now that monetary damage has been done to one of the parties.

There is clear evidence that an attempt to broadcast a change of route was made, and clear evidence of interference via 22.8888. You can harp on 'it was his mistake' all you want, but as I said, there is clear evidence the soft fork prevented him from remediation. Best case for the witnesses, they have civil liability, and depending on the jurisdiction they are in, perhaps criminal. I'm not going to postulate one way or the other.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Let us also not forget, each and every witness as a requirement to receive the blessing of consensus witness by Justin/dev365 was a public declaration that witness would not perform such an act. However it turns out that "anybody" only applies to anybody named Justin Sun or aligned with him. It's quite disgusting.

what is the threat to steem blockchain so witnesses had to freeze private funds to stop it?

I seen people saying that it is revenge and stopping them to sell steem, and by that keeping the price of steem higher. is that true? if not what was the reason?

It appears as if the hatred for a specific individual has been put on display here in this post. This shines a bright light on what might actually be happening here. It seems as if, since a specific individual might be the owner of all these accounts, some other personalities feel it is fine to freeze a specific individual's funds, for reasons only known to these personalities, but this appears is if the reason is something like those personalities simply don't like one specific individual. They've exposed their intention and their target for this harassment, in a sense. It could not have been a coincidence some of those accounts were seized before this post was published highlighting who may be who. It's clear now they were targeting one specific individual since some of those accounts highlighted here were on the list of accounts affected by version 22.8888. Even if it is not one specific individual who owns these accounts, they've proven they were under the impression it was one specific individual, long before publishing this.

This is like freezing the accounts of Bill Gates because you do not like Windows, in many ways, and that would be an absurdity that defies logic, which would explain why so many people of sound mind do not approve nor understand why this all occurred.

This was not a community based decision and I feel it is unfortunate those behind this act of possible revenge have now forced many more stakeholders to lose confidence. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If they're freezing these funds to prevent a specific individual from dumping an investment they're no longer interested in, they've now given thousands more stakeholders an actual reason to dump, and the value of those tokens would exceed those of the specific individual being held against their will.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

You seem hell bent on seeing this place burn down. Ok. But then why are you so worried about whats happening around here? Isnt it "good" for you that shit is going down the toilet? I find it amusing that all of you keep coming back to post, downvote, milk the system etc. why not just agree to disagree and move on?

I dont see a lot of steem users doing the same on the hive network. Serious question.


You seem hell bent on seeing this place burn down.

It's actually recorded in several places on this chain that I'm not interested in seeing this place burn down. I would actually prefer to see people show some integrity but that hasn't been happening and watching them burn it down with irrational decisions and more posts like the one above has been hard on me. Just because I don't agree with what's happening around here does not mean I'm trying to burn the place down. I would prefer to be a fire extinguisher, but more often than not, someone like you comes along to shove me away.

Why would you assume I think this is 'good' when I worked hard here for many years and now I'm watching it all fall apart. I had nothing to do with any of the decisions that led to this conversation now.

all of you keep coming back to post, downvote, milk the system etc. why not just agree to disagree and move on?

How can I agree with that statement? "All of you." What kind of nationlistic nonsense is that? Do you see me posting? Do you see me milking? Do you see me downvoting? If you're talking to me, talk to me, don't simply label me as trash and throw me out the door due to the actions of a few.

I dont see a lot of steem users doing the same on the hive network. Serious question.

Where's the question? Are you asking me what you see? I do not have your perspective, only my own. You're more than welcome on Hive. I keep noticing I'm not welcome on Steem. Why is that? Specifically explain with good reasons why I am not welcome here.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

why is that hard for witnesses to tell us what is the threat to steem blockchain?
why they don't inform users and investors of steem what is going on that could endanger their coins and this blockchain?
don't you think users deserve to know what is the threat that could endanger their funds?
You are saying old witnesses are bad, they only care about themselves... and i did not see one post from this new witnesses telling users what is going on. so how are they different from the old ones?

@glory7 spend half of the day investigating whos funds he frozen and making diagrams and charts, bragging about it (like he did some kind of heroic act and not freezing private funds), but he did not spend 10 minutes to explain to users what is going on on the chain.

Keep being the light... we need you!!! Those sewer rats are trying to twist the truth.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

You're thanking an obvious identity thief.

Archive because they'll probably delete it: http://archive.is/SCEke

Scammer praising a scammer.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Whahaha lol! Who cares btw? I think we all scammed certain tribes in the past, to easy if its run by dumb fucks right?
What I see is someone who cant let go, is still here because he is hurt he has to go now. You have a new home, but because it is boring you like to come here right? Hive is worth 10 cents, enjoy while it lasts!

Scammer trying to justify his scamming. You're in good company with this bunch of morons.

Idiot. Well you have seen my actions in the past, I literally and utterly dont give a fuck. I see yours too ;) And what exactly are YOU trying to tell me? Please, dont, it was not a question. hive.blog, the place where people swallow every little (bull)shit

You sound like Elmo!!!

That's cute your parents let you watch Sesame Street and you think calling me Elmo is an insult.

@pfunk, you do realize you spent an awful lot of time on something you hate do you? Past week you made over 100 comments on Steemit, lets say its 1 minute each to write them (some 1 words some had more BS into it, but the same same) + you had to read all the comments + the post.. So lets say 5 - 6 hours THE LEAST. If I was SOOO unhappy about a place, I wouldn't spend a day a week on it. YOLO boy. Go find a hobby that makes you happy and get from that screen, its tragic to watch and wish you all the best. You need it.

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

You're posting from your wannabe witness account instead of your identity theft scam account now, cute.

you do realize you spent an awful lot of time on something you hate do you?
Interesting point @ciska


'1. darthknight himself should declare that it was his mistake and he did not mean to send it to bittrix.


Worse, my funds are being transferred weekly to a scam account, because I made a mistake when trying to withdraw those funds. I am unable to fix this mistake now, because the operation to stop it is also being frozen by the Steem witnesses.

I think he made that obvious on the blockchain.

He cannot prove he is unable to change it now because of 22.8888 and the witnesses supporting it.

'2. it needs to be confirmed that bittrix is not owned by the owner of darthknight (in other words, "alt")

Only if someome is offering compensation. However I understand thisnto mean no one will help him until he proves it.

How do you suggest he proves he doesn't own it? If he owned it, he wouldn't be in this mess and steem witnesses have nothing to worry about.

You've only proven that darthknight is cooperating with blocktrades and trusts him which is reasonable and expected.

I wouldn't take this gamble. This seems to be an unreasonable demand given his account is frozen. It's like throwing someone into jail then demanding they prove their innocence before helping them.

It may be a trick, but even if he owns bittrix, his funds are still locked which is a definite problem.

It is a trick!!! Wuhaaaaa

You have chosen to freeze the funds of private users and keep them frozen. It is incredible that you are okay with this at all and ever were... fucking pathetic.

Yeah you are fucking pathetic, you leech!!!


@darthknight became a member on February 11. Justin Sun bought it on February 14 :)


Insider information?

  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

Which is all well and good and I applaud you for your investigative work which is very enlightening. This does not negate the fact that freezing these accounts was a dumb move, I still think what Justin Sun should do is reduce the power down to two weeks, get these people out of here and restart only with those who are actually here to see Steemit grow, after they are gone re configure the power down to four or six weeks. By implementing this freeze Justin just gives ammunition to people who are bashing him for this, just do the right thing give them their Steem and see them leave.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

@blocktrades is pure amateur - he isn't even smart enough to use encrypted memo feature. He lies to people for his own profit. He tells people that other exchanges are bad to make his shit exchange look better and scam more people like he did on here since 2016. If it wasn't for STEEM and HIVE, @blocktrades exchange would never exist!

It's Binance that doesn't support encrypted memos.

thumbsup Truth-Teller!!!

An investigation worthy of a detective story. Thank you @glory7 for factually demonstrating this deception to us.
supports this kind of initiative which is in the public interest ^^

So many scammers on here.... so they set up @bittrix as a way to steal money from people trying to send Steem to @Bittrex ???

Amazing investigative work, upon seeing they used the same memo clearly shows the owner of Darthknight account.

Is this sarcasm?

I think it's not. Check his previous comments and you'll see.

Maybe he is playing 4d chess?

Seems like it. A lot of people's real motives will really show when presented with an opportunity. I'm amazed that a lot have been exposed in this fiasco. I'm not talking about darthknight, I'm talking about the people in the comments. From what I understood, that sort of "investigative work" doesn't prove anything and yet a lot praised glory7 for it. It doesn't change the fact that someone's account is frozen and the new witnesses who run the softfork are all culpable.

I respect people for wanting to having a civil discussion with glory7 and fairly examining his points and arguments. This may actually help the situation.

However, blind praise is just stupid, especially if someone doesn't want to annoy the whales being attacked.

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Isn't it a bit ironic that only the people who support steem are blind praisers while those who support hive are rational and thoughtful users? There are blind praisers on both sides and people have a right to believe and support whatever they want. I'm a bit tired of this "holier than thou" approach.

There are blind praisers on both sides and people have a right to believe and support whatever they want. I'm a bit tired of this "holier than thou" approach.

I never said there weren't. You are creating a false dilemma and trying to frame my argument as a holier than thou approach.

Would you prefer if I put a disclaimer in front of all my comments on Steem before saying anything critical that this sort of ridiculous cheerleading behaviour exists on Hive, too? It seems you are interested in sowing toxic discord.

If you really like his dumb platitudes, give him a huge upvote, clearly that's what he wants.

Thank you for this fine piece of work @glory7.

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Bravo - give this man a standing ovation along with the aforementioned contributors.

Btw another proof that Darthknight is not a new account is that not many users even knew that you could set an alternative account for a powerdown. Something that he was able to pull out of the hat despite being a "new user".

This should serve as evidence that while Hive might not have Justin Sun, it is a heavily centralized "blockchain". The same argument that people make to mock Justin for being a dictator, the same would apply there too. Perhaps even worse as Justin is out in the Sun (pun intended), whereas Blocktrades is pulling the strings from the shadows a la Illuminati. If there is a central powerful entity, i would rather know than be blind to it.

The facts are here. The choice is yours.