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룰이 너무 자주 바뀌어서 늘 헷갈리는데, 일단 HT 들고 있으니 신청은 해 봅니다.

이해가 좀 안가는 것은... HT랑 USDT 락업을 똑같이 쳐주는 것 같던데,

타 거래소의 경우를 봐도 그렇고 그냥 상식? 적으로도 그렇고 자기네 토큰으로만 하던가 자기네 토큰을 우대해줘야 할 것 같은데 왜 저렇게 하는지 이상하군요.

그리고 앱에서만 된다고 해서 귀찮지만 앱도 설치...

프로젝트는 읽어보니 뭐 요즘 늘 나오는 P2E NFT 어쩌고.

About the project
Project description
Deesse is a blockchain-enabled, idle Role-Playing Game (RPG) or Card Placement Game (CPG) with progress-based and skill-based features. It incorporates a Play-to-Earn mechanism, allowing players to earn tokens and NFT in the gameplay.

게임 종류도 RPG랑 CPG를 다 가져간다라... 꿈이 크군요.

Key features
Blockchain-enabled token economics
Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Card Placement Game (CPG)
Idle and automated
Progress-based and skill-based features (Solo)
Enjoy to Earn (strategy based)
Japanese anime style with artistic design
Renowned voice actor casting
Turn based
Entertaining multi-level design
Interesting story line and gameplay
PvE & PvP

팀 사이즈는 꽤 큰 듯한데, 특이한건 일본 사람들이군요.

트렌드에는 보통 늦는 일본에서도 이제 뛰어드는가...

The team consists of 18 members including the game designer, developer, UI/UX, system architect, crypto OG and marketers. The founders are native Japanese with decades of experience in the gaming, entertainment, mass communication, and marketing sectors. They crafted many top TV shows and games titles that have won industry awards. They are highly respected professionals in Japan with a strong track record.

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