Re: Darthknight

Several users informed me that @darthknight has posted My Steem funds are currently being frozen by the top 20 Steem witnesses (reward for info)

In particular, @guiltyparties asked me on a discord channel to take a look at the issue and we have discussed it with other users (including @dr-frankenstein). I told him that I would try to fix this issue soon - and this posting summarize my thoughts for now.

The following is an open letter to @darthknight. Note that this is a gesture of goodwill, not legal opinion or advice.

Dear darthknight,

Great to see your posting.

Your posting was required to start any action

my funds are being transferred weekly to a scam account, because I made a mistake when trying to withdraw those funds.

I believe that the Steem witnesses are aware of this, but have taken no action to unfreeze my account.

There are some users who reported me of your situation, and I assume some of other witnesses would have heard too.

But nothing could be done until you openly declare that your setting the power down path to bittrix was a mistake and you did not want your power down fund to go to bittrix.

Why? Because no one except you can verify that whether you intentionally did it. Who knows whether you actually wanted to send the power down fund to bittrix for whatever reason (your friend's account, or your alt, so on).

Contact jayplayco asap

I will contact them and give them a chance to unfreeze my account and reimburse me directly for the loss I have already had.

You should contact @jayplayco (on discord: jayplayco#9869), as @geekgirl and others have recommended.

And "reimburse" for your mistake? that does not make any sense... you have to admit that it was your fault to set the wrong power down path.

Moving on to the legal issues.

If you have any information about the real world identities of the top witnesses on Steem, please post it here. I will provide a 5% reward of any recovery I make with the people who provide correct information about witness identity (first come, first served on identity of individual witnesses).

I do not know where you live, but this is very dangerous (at least in South Korea). This could be subject to defamation and/or violation of privacy (or more) in South Korea. Take a look at @abitcoinskeptic's reply to your post.

And there are some users who encourage you to pursue legal actions. Of course it is one of your choices.

But reading the replies, I can tell that most of them are not familiar with legal issues, in particular regarding the South Korea case.

If you choose to bring this case to the court, it will be difficult for you to deal with the following issues (and more - I have talked to a lawyer friend and she was not be able to fully understand the situation given her lack of knowledge about how Steem works, but she mentioned these issues to "start with")

  1. How can you prove that you, the plaintiff, own the account called @darthknight ?

  2. How can you prove that you, the plaintiff, does not own the account called @bittrix ? Otherwise, you cannot prove that you "lost" your "asset".

  3. Were you forced to take that action? in other words, anyone forced you to "power down" and/or set the path to "bittrix"?

  4. Who is(are) the defendant?

  5. How can you prove that the defendant has caused you the damage, given that you admit that you made a mistake?

  6. It seems that the "asset" you claim to be lost is used in the system called "Steem blockchain". What are the "rules" of that system? Is there anything that the defendant has(have) violated?

... I will stop here. It's already too many.

And also note that unlike the US, in South Korea if you lose a trial usually you are supposed to pay the winning party's legal fees (up to a certain amount - it's like up to 7~8% of what's at stake).

To move forward.

While talking to guiltyparties and others, I have reviewed the following options.

  1. Run a quick SF update that excludes you: but this option has a problem that may break the mechanical selection rules (as @roelandp pointed out, "You should not help out as goodwill for darthknight, as that will remove the "mechanical" part from the script")

  2. Run a quick SF update that includes bittrix so that this account may not be able to transfer any fund until the discussion ends and temporary SF is reversed.

Of course this needs to be discussed among witnesses, but I personally support the 2nd option for now.


  1. Given that you wrote that you made a mistake in setting the power down path, we can do something.

  2. Contact jayplayco#9869 if you want to resolve this issue fast.

  3. Be careful with legal issues - defamation, etc. Check @abitcoinskeptic 's reply.

  4. I personally support a quick patch to limit transfers of the bittrix account.


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You do realize that whales get special treatment with exchanges, much like high rollers at casinos. I bet BT knows who darthknight is to some degree, but darthknight's actions on the chain tell me he's not any of the known whales out there. Perhaps you take this as proof of something, but that only shows you've supported your own bias rather than let the evidence lead you.

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If I helped you by finding out, you know how to help me :D @justyy

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I don't think blocktrades owns darthknight.
I think he uses blocktrades to transfers STEEM to binance.
Just go here, and put blocktrades to binance. You will see a lot of trx with different memos. Then you can pick some memos and search for them, and maybe you will see some legitimate owners on STEEM.

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Just go to this link:, put blocktrades as the sender and deepcrypto8 as the receiver, just look at all the memos.

you lost your credit card, someone is taking money from it. and your bank is blocking you from canceling it.

the mistake whs his, but your actions of blocking private funds was responsible for the loss, because he could not fix it because of your actions.

n South Korea if you lose a trial usually you are supposed to pay the winning party's legal fees (up to a certain amount - it's like up to 7~8% of what's at stake).

he just lost 30.000$ and will lose around 400.000. do you think he cares about 7% of legal fees.

It's shocking to me that he believes preventing someone from fixing a correctable mistake, which he intended to correct, is still his fault. This is delusional.

He even tried to fix it within the original window before the softfork took effect, but then the sham and sockpuppet witnesses went and changed the soft fork time from 14:00 UTC to 10:00 UTC. Most of the sham witness nodes (all ~10 of them ;) updated less than an hour before 10:00 UTC.

There are lawyers that specialize in digital assets in Korea, but they are rare. Maybe a lawyer aware of securities and finance would be best.

In anycase, I advise legal consultation before mentioning about legal actions. And yes defamation and privacy are important. Even others mentioned 'doxing' isn't necessary. He can make a private list and at least verify first.

I do think he can prove he owns darth knight by signing a message. However proving he doesn't own bittrix is more difficult.

In anycase, I feel that is irrelevant. He said it's not his and we have no reason to believe it is his. Better to take his word on it and help him out. If anything else, it's the right thing to do.

I don't know if he can get his assets replaced, but this is a bad time to be responsible for freezing him out. The reasons for the freeze in general are iffy given the balance of control for steem is not even close after Hive was made. There is a gap in the timeline that is obvious here.

Anyway, I hope it can be resolved out of the legal system. Usually only lawyers win.

I'm so tired of the arguements that the list is based on a mathematical formula (more so Hive's list that excludes airdrop). It's not like some universal law. Any variable can be added such as 'include accounts only if created before HF21'.

The drama needs to end. I still have vain hope for win-win.

Bittrix is a scammer account to catch typo transfers. Just look at the account history.

I think your option 1 would be better and easier to implement, just remove @darthknight from the blacklist.

If you go with option 2, then transfer operations to @bittrix should be blocked. Blocking operations of bittrix, wouldn’t solve anything and continue resulting in loss of funds.

Of course the best move would be to remove all soft fork freezes.

Besides, if @darthknight would ever want to see his funds again it would require cooperation from @bittrix. And we all know scammers can quickly disappear never too be heard from again.

Option 2 is pointless, it's a sure way that the funds will never be in control again of the legitimate owner.

Hello,there I read the post of @darthknight and it feels good that you are paying attention to this problem.I don't know him or never had any contact with him.But I felt sorry for him after reading his post.

He has a lot of money staked in Steem. So if by any chance he made a mistake by choosing an account to transfer his fund,then you should help him fix it as soon as possible.I hope that he will soon see your message and reply to you.Thank you for coming forward to help him with a good gesture.

I've been amazed how quickly the crypto community falls to plea to authority.

His keys, his crypto?

Or is this no longer the standard, since the Steemit stake was freezed?

Exactly... No, having a "promise" is now justification... Is it not?

Tell me, when did this investor ever promise to use his funds only for community building and the development and advancement of Steem?

Guess never, I would not do so in his case and also don´t sign a contract which force me to do so ;)

! good point ! --> my point since the beginning of this whole situation beginning with the freezing of the stake of JS.

even IF ned agreed (which I think is loose) how determines if it is transferable.

Do I smell trouble in the Steemit Inc. paradise???

hey @glory7 you know, this guy illustrates an old French proverb: there are only the cowards and the weak who insult and threaten !!!

That's a great proverb that could be applied in many cases, in particular this one. Thank you.

Nice initiative taken by @glory7. Hope, it will help him/her a lot.
Keep it up.

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You like to miss the point do you? Its not about the power down and selling. If it was just that, I think we would put a red carpet and say Adieu, auf wiedersehen. It is repeatedly used to try to destroy steem and his users. Not only in downvotes, selfvotes, or whatever. Nobody got forced, it was his choice to push the button to send it to this account. I really dont even care about that because he abused my and everyone's interest.

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What is the reason for blocking the accounts from cancelling powerdowns? How is that operation harmful for the blockchain?

Hi! Did you know that is now censoring users and posts based on their opinions?
All the posts of these users are gone!

Here's a list of some banned users:
'roelandp', 'blocktrades', 'anyx', 'ausbitbank', 'gtg', 'themarkymark', 'lukestokes.mhth', 'netuoso', 'innerhive'
See anyone you recognize? There could be more, they also have a remote IP ban list.

Will you be censored next?

@Darthknight should be know clear. Steem's eyewitnesses did not take his assets. He tried to send STEEM to the wrong address by self. It is a fact. Therefore, it is only the steem witness who can help his problem. But he is trying the problem very hard. Good luck to him.

he could solve his problem, and nothing would happen if his account was not and still is blocked from all operations. he would just canceled powerdown and nothing would happen, but witnesses running the Soft fork are blocking him to do so.

This is a very good story. Who induced him to make a mistake? Are you the current witness? No, he made a mistake on his own
Making a mistake and SF are separate issues. If he hadn't made a mistake, he would have ignored SF. But there was a problem because he made a mistake. Then he should talk to the witness. I don't think it's a matter of law. he use the law for his own mistakes? This isn't right.

your credit card gets stolen (that is your mistake), funds from your credit card are being spend by a guy who stole it. you go to the bank to cancel your card, and they say, it was your mistake, you lost your card, we will not give you an option to cancel your card.

the mistake was his, but witnesses blocking his account are blocking him from fixing it. not to mention that they blocked the private funds only to be able to manipulate the market, no threat to steem blockchain. fund blocking was a market manipulation.

imagine your bank saying to you that you can't spend your money on your account because it will affect the economy?

in this case,
Do you make a accusation to the bank? Or
Do you make a request to the bank?

so all he needs to do is ask nicely?

Like "please would you be so nice to unblock my account so i can use my funds the way i want?"

I don't know it.
If he's been in contact, would he not think again? However, I think it's hard to do it if you say that you are going to mobilize the law like now.

men lost 30.000$ currently because of it. yes mistake was his, but he could stop it if ih account was not blocked. he will lose maybe 500.000$ at the end. would you not contact the lawyer? half of mill$ because of the blocked account.

I don't know who he is, i have no idea is he, good, bad, evil, what ever... but if witnesses are ready to do this to people that have 5-6 mill in stake, my account could disappear and no one would even blink. Should i be on the blockchain that tomorrow i can just be gone? should you? are you ok with that?

That would be better than threatening a lawsuit. Look i am sympathetic, but his stance probably isnt helping.

well we don't know did he tried to contact anyone. witnesses are playing dead about the soft fork, so maybe they are playing dead for this too? you see they are claiming it is not their fault.

곰돌이가 @ayogom님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.016을 보팅해서 $0.026을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 7860번 $107.965을 보팅해서 $107.064을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

곰돌이가 @gomdory님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.029을 보팅해서 $0.013을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 7899번 $108.927을 보팅해서 $107.740을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

I'm higly impressed with your reply @glory7

It's hard to see people so mature and well prepared. Respect,

Yours, Piotr

All this seems pretty centralized to me. Why does one person hold the keys to moving this forward? It all seems pretty injurious to me. These witnesses do not care about the community.

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Sounds like you have an idea of who this guy is. If you don't want to name him here, please dm me at glory7#2043.

Didnt know this thing has dm feature :D. But you can also find out who it is! With name, face, location and address. You just got to follow the money. Who else uses 101130147 as memo for transactions to deepcrypto8? He lives in the US, so I don't know if you can sue him if he put your private info online. I am not gonna do it, I found him in less then an hour, sure you can too.

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No. That's not the same person.

And your proof is? Or just a guess?

Who is Darthknight?

Certainly not a darknight

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

What does this even mean? Care to elaborate?

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Ha. Probably not likely but fair enough. Should at least understand the risks.

I hear Koreans like gambling, maybe they should start placing their bets on @jayplaco's time of death.

I ll bet on his life every day - fuck it twice a day.

Assassination market
An assassination market is a prediction market where any party can place a bet (using anonymous electronic money and pseudonymous remailers) on the date of death of a given individual, and collect a payoff if they "guess" the date accurately. This would incentivise assassination of individuals because the assassin, knowing when the action would take place, could profit by making an accurate bet on the time of the subject's death. Because the payoff is for accurately picking the date rather than performing the action of the assassin, it is substantially more difficult to assign criminal liability for the assassination.

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I'm pushing for murder? NO. I'm aware of things you may be ignorant to, and I'm trying to prevent something like that. I have no idea who darthknight is, and he may be a lovely person, but he's also likely a person with millions of anonymous digital coins that could do shady things to protect his investment.

This same thought occurred to me when SF 22.2 happened. You get between a millionaire and their money, you should know the risks.


본죄는 살인죄, 존속살해죄 및 위계위력살인죄를 범할 목적으로 예비 또는 음모함으로써 성립한다.

예비란 범죄실행을 위한 준비행위로서 실행에 착수하지 아니한 것을 말한다. 따라서 살해하려고 낫을 들고 피해자에게 다가서려고 하였으나 제3자가 제지하여 살인의 목적을 이루지 못한 때에는 살인의 실행행위에 착수하였으므로 이미 살인미수죄가 성립한다(대법원 1986.2.25 85도2773).

단순히 범죄를 실현할 의사만으로는 부족하고 객관적으로 실행행위를 가능하게 하거나 용이하게 하는 준비행위가 있을 것을 요한다. 예컨대 권총 등을 교부하면서 사람을 살해하라고 하거나 행동자금을 교부하는 경우가 여기에 해당한다. 음모란 2인 이상의 자 사이에 성립하는 범죄실행의 합의를 말한다.

본죄가 성립하기 위하여는 주관적 구성요건으로 살인죄, 존속살해죄 및 위계위력살인죄를 범할 목적이 있어야 하며, 단순한 미필적 인식으로는 족하지 않다. 그러므로 적어도 살해할 대상자는 구체적으로 특정되어야 본죄가 성립할 수 있다. 예컨대 남파된 간첩이 간첩활동을 저지할 자를 살해할 의사로 무기를 소지하고 있는 것만으로는 본죄가 성립된다고 할 수 없다. 그러나 살해할 대상자가 특정된 이상 살해의사가 조건부인 경우에도 본죄의 성립에는 영향이 없다.

살인을 예비·음모한 자가 실행에 착수하기 전에 이를 중지한 경우에 중지미수의 규정을 준용할 것인가에 대하여는 형의 균형과 중지범의 입법취지에 비추어 볼 때 이를 긍정하는 것이 타당하다. 본죄에 대한 종범의 성립이 가능한가에 대하여는 이를 긍정하는 견해도 있으나, 정범이 실행에 착수하지 아니한 때에는 구성요건적 불법이 실현되었다고 볼 수 없으므로 부정하는 판례의 태도가 타당하다고 생각된다.

본죄와 살인미수 및 살인기수는 보충관계에 있으므로 예비·음모가 발전하여 미수 또는 기수의 단계에 이른 때에는 본죄는 이에 흡수되어 별도로 성립되지 아니한다.

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Yes, it goes way deeper than most of us were able to see. And I finally understand the meaning of the mirrored pyramid in TRON's logo, where the top is at the bottom. It could point to something like 'let's bring power back to the people'...

Regarding the fork I slowly but surely come to the same conclusion. Looks like it is really a blessing and many of us were just blinded by the dark side. Many work for the deep state. Some don't even know that they do.

I'm glad that I decided for Steem. Something told me that I should not move my tools to their chain. The people are waking up, not only in the real world. Nothing can stop what is coming.

The most 1984 comment I've read in a while.

I would think twice before basing too much on the views expressed by those still hanging around on Steem only to spread bitterness.

After his post complaining about 22.8888, he's been searching for reasons to rationalize implementing the soft fork and getting back into the good graces of the Justin Sun sycophants. He found one in demonizing some accounts, for what amounts to conspiracy, even though his new master continually demonstrates his desire for autocracy. It's sad and pathetic.

i thought this as a joke few hours ago, when someone asked me would i consult a lawyer first, and not talk to the witnesses. i mean half of a mill$ for me is unimaginable amount of money so i have no idea what would i do, but...

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You're allowed to be as dumb as you wish. I'm just telling it like it is, and you can stick your head in the sand and ignore it, or you can understand where I'm coming from and know how things work in the real world.

Telling it like it is -> normal people dont talk casually about killing other people. Only criminals and teenagers going through puberty do that. Which one are you?

If I warned you that your life is in danger for walking near a cliff, would you call that wishing for murder?

If i warned you that you smell like an asshole will you take a shower?

If i warned you that
You smell like an asshole will
You take a shower?

                 - menerva

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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My delusion ? Are you denying that the HIVE airdrop is your sole motivation for freezing funds on Steem ?
I have the full chat log. It reads just like the first "negotiation" with TRON where their ONLY demand was faster powerdowns, except your only demand is a HIVE airdrop. Because you 100% know that Steem is FUCKED through your OWN ACTIONS.

Again. GFY

  ·  3 years ago