Should I start twitter? 트위터를 해야 하는가.

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Except Steemit, I haven't done any other SNS(facebook, twitter, etc) for several years. And I haven't felt any need to do them too.

However, while going through these STEEM/HIVE controversies, now I wonder whether I should start twitter.

It seems that the effect of twitter is much more than what I had imagined.

스팀잇 빼고 페이스북이나 트위터 같은 SNS를 하질 않았고, 할 필요성도 못 느꼈습니다. 그런데 이번에 스팀/하이브 사태를 보고 있으니, 트위터를 해야 하나 생각이 드는군요. 트위터의 영향력이 제 생각보다 훨씬 크네요.

I still don't understand why people who praise decentralization uses twitter to call "famous figures" like Vitalic Buterin.

Is he like a judge or GOD to you? Why do you ask for someone who don't even use STEEM to decide what is correct or wrong for STEEM-related issues?

And that really sounds like asking for a "centralized" decision. Irony.

아직도 왜 탈중앙화를 찬양하는 자들이 트위터에서 비탈릭 부테린같은 유명인들을 호출하는지 모르겠습니다. 이 사람이 무슨 신이나 재판관인가? 스팀을 하지도 않는 사람에게 왜 스팀 관련 이슈들이 맞고 틀리는지 물어보는건지?

그리고 이건 아무리 봐도 "중앙화" 된 결정을 추구하는 것 같아서 더 이상합니다.

Moreover, why people who use certain platform (STEEM or HIVE) uses twitter to discuss?

It merely shows incompetency, or insecurity.

Basically you are telling outside that you are not capable of doing something by yourself and you simply rely on others and/or you are looking for shallow relationship/support.

그리고 스팀/하이브 같은 자체 플랫폼의 사용자들이 왜 트위터에서 논의하는지도 모르겠군요.

그냥 무능력함이나 불안정함만 보여주는듯.

이건 외부에 자체적으로는 뭔가 할 수 없다고 말하는 것과 같고, 남들에게 의존하거나 얕은 관계 형성 따위를 추구하는 것 밖에 할 수 없다는 것과 같죠.

I don't think I can do twitter in addition - given limited time and attention, for me writing one article and reading what my friends wrote already takes more than what I can afford.

However, I still got confused - why STEEM-related issues are not discussed on STEEM or based on articles on STEEM? It seems that in most cases people - including Binance CEO CZ - rely on twitter for gathering information about STEEM.

I still find it very strange, but if the world works in that way, I guess I should adjust myself.

하루에 스팀잇에 글 하나 올리고 댓글 달고 이웃들 글 읽기도 벅찬 상황에, 트위터를 추가로 하는 건 현실적으로 무리일 것 같긴 합니다.

그런데 이번 바이낸스 사태도 그렇고... 아무도 스팀 관련 내용인데 스팀 글을 안 읽고 트위터 정보만을 바탕으로 판단하려 하는 것 같아요. 너무 이상한데, 세상이 그렇다면 일단 적응해봐야겠죠.

Oh, by the way, best twit that summarizes recent STEEM hardfork 23, from Binance CEO CZ:

Go F%&K yourself.

아, 그리고 이번 스팀 하드포크 관련 최고의 트윗입니다 (바이낸스 대표 CZ):

억울하면 니가 포크하던가.

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I was wondering the same thought too. I think we steemian should be on twitter too for more exposure to Steem. Let me know if you decide to be on twitter, I will definitely follow you. I'm on twitter with the same handle.

Thank you for kind words. Will ask for help if I start twitter.

I started with Twitter today

Good luck! It seems that steemians start twitter.

I'm currently asking me the same question. Starting with zero followers might be difficult at first, but in the long run there is a good chance to drive many more people to Steem by using Twitter.

Makes sense to pick up the people where they are and not where they are not... ^^

I am pretty sure that your account would grow fast. The only problem would be whether you would have time and energy to do twitter.

The only problem would be whether you would have time and energy to do twitter.

Good point. At least for me, there is so much to do without twitter already. If I should join, I will definitely not have the time to be active there on a daily basis, but maybe I could leave some likes, retweet important posts, write positive comments once in a while and in the meantime collect some followers.

For now it's time for me to be more productive regarding my Steem developments again :)

@steemchiller twitter is a good place to drive traffic to steem. Also, steemian needs to be more active there too. Potential new steemian might be lurking there. Let us know if you decide to have twitter account so we can give you a follow.

자기가 보는 매체의 사람들이 거짓말을 할 수 있다고 생각하는 사람은 극소수입니다. 불행하게도 자기가 보는 매체의 사람은 거짓말을 합니다.


예리한 지적이라 할말이 없어질 수준입니다.

Twitter is a great platform but at the same time you will see how low humanity can go based on some of the active extreme users. I read tweets but never tweet and have lost a lot of hope in human kind... good luck.

Exactly. It is extremely skewed to the very few activists.

  • after writing this, now I wonder, is steem or hive different?

Probably worse because things are mostly uncensored on both platforms...? nailed it.

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억울하면 니가 포크하던가.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 최고 트윗 맞네요^^

당분간 최고의 유행어(?) 로 쓰일듯합니다.

Twitter es una plataforma muy amplia y no dudo que atraigas o atraigamos a muchas personas mas a seteemit!

sindoja.sct님이 glory7님의 이 포스팅에 따봉(5.5 SCT)을 하였습니다.

Some music for your ears. Maybe you can share the video on twitter.
Best wishes for projects, family and life, @Glory7!!

thank you for kind words.

These are all valid points and I'm glad that you see the irony of their actions.

Thank you. Too much irony nowadays...

Twitter is great and I encourage you to make an account.

Thank you for the advice. As a starting point, I have joined the discord channel.


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You pointed it out very good.
I also always surprised when people who always speak about decentralisation run a contest on twitter.

I didn't know that twitter is so "popular" with crypto crowd.

Just some days ago @clove71 run a contest on twitter about giveaway from 4 summoner spellbocks.
Also other member of the splinterlands-team post often link to twitter and so on.


I have no interest in being on Twitter.

Hi @glory7

I am sorry for the lateness of my reply to this publication three days ago.

However, I want to tell you that you take all the credit of the reason, your words are very correct, because discussing outside Steemit if things can be solved here, it is not easy to adapt to discussions that are not healthy, twitter has become a Second platform, however I think that twitter should be used to attract traffic for steemit and that people realize the great scope that steemit has in keeping wars away.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Twitter is a great platform where we can get some information @glory7 and we can use it to drive some news to other people that there is another platform like #steem that they can use for their purposes. :D