Taking a day off - and changing the direction.

I have spent too much time - compared to what I used to, and compared to what I have as "free" time - on Steem/Hive issue for a couple of weeks.

I was supposed to write about the SF 22.8888 - and when I got up this morning, I was like, what's the point of that would be.

Most people already have their mind preoccupied with whatever ideology or belief they originally had for whatever reasons, and my writing some articles would not change their minds and maybe only make situations worse.

I was too tired, so at least for today I wanted to just enjoy Steem like what I did before 22.2. - play some Steem based games like Splinterlands and Nextcolony, and read some articles and post replies.

And I happen to read [Discussion Post] Where do we take STEEM from here? A post for STEEM community discussion and some of great replies, including @jaki01 and @whatsup 's.

and I realized that what I have been doing recently would not necessary help STEEM - I should focus on how to make STEEM great (again?).

I believe that at this point, it is practically impossible to negotiate and reach some kind of "agreement". I tried to talk to lots of people - and I am pretty sure others did too - but I am not aware of any significant progress.

It seems that this situation is close to "divorce" - and each side we should focus on living life of her own.

Instead of arguing what the other side has done wrong, I (and probably we) should try to find ways to split up asap.

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Hi, @glory7,

You remind me of something I said before when I decided to stop commenting on the whole drama even before the fork.

Most people base their arguments on beliefs rather than facts and logic. Over time, you will find yourself fighting with different ideologies and philosophies and people who are not competent negotiators. It takes time and is really useless because the purpose of the discussion is not to reach the truth but just to win the argument just for the sake of it. Imagine 100 people from 100 different cultures, religions and ideologies, trying to agree if X is something good or bad. What morality should be superior? Which point of view should matter the most? Which point of view deserves to be taken into consideration? ...

Basically, negotiation means the ability to accept concessions to demonstrate good faith. In international relations and diplomacy, a ceasefire is the first step in any conflict resolution strategy.

I think some people are taking advantage of this conflict. Some countries use peace as a strategy in conflicts because other countries use conflict as a pretext to commit injustices (e.g: arms race, killing, ethnic cleansing, ...) because peace is not going to serve them and they would prefer that the conflict continues as much as possible to take advantage of the situation.

I believe that a solution can be found, but unless people stop playing political tricks, the situation will not improve, and we would be better off focusing on Steem.

We have declared publicly that we are open to negotiations and discussions, everything now depends on them.

As you said, I hope that all this fighting and arguing will finish soon so that we all can focus on our own blockchains.

There's no way to convince them through words.

Let's just move on and enjoy Steem.

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