[CrytoTab] Passive bitcoin mining and earning solution 16.03.21

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Hi all, it was fun to come back.
Over the past week I have not been able to update more on steemit & steemcoinpan. It was a bit of a challenge in terms of timing. Also over a week I hardly actively digging bitcoins with my browser. But there are quite unexpected results from the network.

But before I update my results. I would like to thank @lklab2013, willingly supporting so I can post on the platform https://www.steemcoinpan.com. And this is the first post I follow to his instructions. I believe it will be successful, it is unexpected that in order to post on steemcoinpan, you need to install Steem Keychain. :)

Total income:

Increased from 0.00021319 to 0.00022936 BTC. And as you can see, the net income has already surpassed 10% / total income. The active income hasn't increased much these days. From 0.00019930 to 0.00020233 BTC. Because I haven't turned on my computer in the last 7 days. And current BTC price is over 54,000USD.


Change increased from 24 users to 33 users. And all of the growth is at level 2. Which means that the network has started to increase passively.
This is great when you do nothing, everything still comes to you because you have done it before.

What is CryptoTab browser? Take a look at the post I reviewed about it.

:) CryptoTab is helping users to double the mining speed your device can perform.
If you want to use CryptoTab as your browser and get more BTC - Bitcoin while you work, you can download your browser RIGHT HERE. And of course, you can still earn BTC even if you don't work by referring others to use this browser.
I hope you won't miss it.

Wish success

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