[CrytoTab] Passive bitcoin mining and earning solution 03.05.21

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Good morning and have a great day!
Today, I will update the results of my passive Bitcoin mining activities. Yes, it has been 23 days since the last update.

Total income:

Increased from 0.0002717 to 0.0003113 BTC.
During these 23 days, my major income was passively increased by the network of users that I introduced them to the browser. You may have noticed that passive income accounts for almost a third of my results.


Yes, this is what I'm most concerned with in my results.
During these 23 days, my network has grown from 45 to 56 users. An unimpressive figure but it's probably right for a less active person like me. khakha

How to get passive BTC and participate in prizes?

First of all, CryptoTab is a browser similar to the Chmore browser. The biggest difference is that this browser automatically mines BTC for users, and the web surfing speed is 8 times faster than the Chmore browser. And of course, this BTC mining won't affect your experience.
And you can earn passive income by referring others to the browser. Earnings are paid up to 10 levels.

Do not forget that passive income will come to you when you are not working, it is important that you build your network, this is quite a waste of your time and effort. :) Then you can enjoy the results without working. khakha

Just download the browser and install it on your device. Everything is ready, including booking the right to double the speed of mining and joining the shows with exciting prizes going on.

What is CryptoTab browser? Take a look at the post I reviewed about it.

Wish success

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