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[리얼클래스 55일, 진짜 미국식 영어1] 안전하지 않아요 / 그거 가져가면 안돼요

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오늘은 간단한 2문장입니다.

It's not safe.
You can't have that.

안전하지 않아요.
  • 위험하다는 의미를 반어법으로 사용함.

It's not safe.
= It's dangerous.

The neighborhood is not safe.
= The neighborhood is dangerous.

그걸 가져 가면 안돼요

You can't have that.
그것 가지면 안돼요가 "가져가면 안된다" 라고도 사용된다.

You can't have my food.
You can't have my money.
You can't have my car.

그 밖의 표현

We have to clear space.
우리 여기 비워야 해요.

I kick you out = I'm gonna kick you out.
나는 너를 쫓아낼거야

Why you no do your job = Why don't you do your job? = Why aren't you doing your job?
왜 너 일을 안하는거야? 네 할일 왜 안해??

Please be gentle with that. = Be careful with that = Be careful of that.
그거 조심히 다뤄주세요!! (be gentle : 조심히, 신사적으로)

You can't just take our stuff.
우리 물건 막 가져가면 안돼요!

Does it really make your dreams come true?
정말 그게 꿈을 이뤄줘요?

legit : 합법적인, 제대로인

It's legit, man.
이거 진품이야.

He is legit.
그는 믿을만해

This is all the money we have. = This is all I got = That's all I have.
내가 가진 전부(돈)예요.

make sure
확실히 하다!!
make sure make sure

That's it for today!!

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