Polygon Chain Congestion - Single DAPP make big impact to Polygon Chain

Recently Polygon has had network congestion and very high transaction cost.


Regarding past months’ average gas cost, the standard Gwei was below 50, and was very rare to pay more than 50.
But now everyday, every hour the standard Gwei is more 500 and sometimes 600 or more. You see that the gas prices have spiked 10x from their usual level.


Looking at the detail, there is a single contract taking more than 50% of gas fees. What is it? Is it such an important and essential contract?

This contract comes from a new game Sunflower Farmers that is a sort of Farming Simulator game.
This game store most of its state such as leveling up, earning somethings and many interactions etc every 25 minutes of all players. And this game attracted many bots farming the value as well. This 2 factors led to a severe Polygon network congestion.
Decentralized DDos Attack

Except some major layers, so many rising and high potential chains have not been verified yet regarding this sort high transaction at very spotted time. Polygon got huge congestion just by one Dapp.
We should see this issue with a bit longer view. If so many people and investors start to utilize chains and so many games and dapps make huge transactions every seconds, is it possible blockchains could cover that? Are we ready to cover all that without making serous asset or opportunities loss?

On Ethereum, the high gas cost is preventing the network congestion, if the barrier become lower, what happen? Are you ready?

What we should do is “Making this sort problems so much early stage” to prevent future crisis and massive damage to our society.

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