What I feel now in this challenging world of Cryptocurrency

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In this challenging world of cryptocurrency and investing, it seems that there are not many individuals whom one can trust or rely on.

What is the current trend of cryptocurrency and stock prices? Are we still in a bear market or is this the beginning of a new bull run?
What is the exact turning point that will lead to an increase in the value of investment assets?
What is the core value of cryptocurrency?
In the face of widespread misinformation from institutions and influencers, is it possible for cryptocurrency to find a bright future and a clear direction?

According to one acquaintance, a large portion of influencers on the internet seem to be psychopaths or individuals with serious mental health issues who hide behind anonymity.
It can be difficult to sift through all the fake information and find the right path.
Perhaps it is necessary to filter out unnecessary information and focus on specific goals.

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