Price of KRwp increasing day by day

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KRWP is bidding on 2.30 steem bid price and ask price is 3 steem
THE total return on your investment is 3% a month
for example you invested 1000$ in krwp you will able to get 1$ a day because buying a vote from krwp also charge some money.
Each post creation cost 1 SCt , 5 SCT are equal to 1 steem. SCT is not a big deal to earn .
The more big vote you get the more SCT you will get ,
KRWP demand is high most of whales already took big amount of kRWP and stored and now the krwp bot need to increase the price of krwp to control vote cost.

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@healthexpert transfered 2 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 4.56%, voting power : 77.98%, steem power : 1866262.57, STU KRW : 1200.
@healthexpert staking status : 395 KRWP
@healthexpert limit for KRWP voting service : 0.79 KRWP (rate : 0.002)
What you sent : 2 KRWP
Refund balance : 1.21 KRWP [45529607 - 63d7ef4e4933756e60e4a1281dde188e987b156f]