@huaren.news 维护的私人flag列表起航,标准简单3条

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@huaren.news 私人flag列表起航:@steemflag

Private flaglist of @huaren.news set sail :@steemflag.


This is a private flag list. The standard is also my own standard. All rights reserved. Do not copy.

@huaren.news 私人的反“双重标准和限制言论自由”的flag榜单标准


Respect the freedom of speech of anyone, but the following behaviors will be flag:

F1. 不给予合理的理由,而使用downvote霸凌弱小账号(踩比例高于1%或单贴造成损失5%);

F1. Without give a reasonable reason, using downvote bully weak small account (the proportion of downvote is higher than 1% or single post causes loss of 5%);

F2. 限制他人言论自由;

F2. Restrictions on freedom of others expression;

F3. 双重标准的霸凌团伙(私人的双重标准,属于私人好恶和私人恩怨,不列入flag) ;

F3. Double standard bullying group (private double standard, belonging to private likes or dislikes and private grudges, not included in the flag)

It's open with it's fist custom(已经开门迎客):
@steemflag 开门迎客第一单,@ericwilson 荣登 “天字第一号”


@huaren.news 维护的私人flag列表起航,标准简单3条 | hive同步链接


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💜 I love you, @huaren.news! Even while you keep flagging my posts on hive without giving me an explanation.
A huge hug! 🤗

Thanks for coming to hive and downvoting me because I flipped you off on twitter.

You are amazing!

@huaren.news transfered 2.5 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 91.30%, voting power : 1699, voting power : 1794138.69, SBD KRW : 1223.39.