Who gave Double standard party courage to downvote others?!谁给了双标党乱踩别人的勇气?!

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Who gave Double standard party the courage to downvote others on steem / hive?!

谁给了 steem/hive 上双标党乱踩别人的勇气?!

The connivance of evils is the slaughter of the good! @steemitblog @hiveio

对恶人的纵容,就是对善良的屠杀! @steemitblog @hiveio

@huaren.new 私人反“双重标准和限制言论自由”的flag榜单 @steemflag


  1. @steemflag 开门迎客第四单,@carn 荣登 “天字第四号”
  2. @steemflag 开门迎客第三单,@espoem 荣登 “天字第三号”
  3. @steemflag 开门迎客第二单,@pundito 荣登 “天字第二号”
  4. @steemflag 开门迎客第一单,@ericwilson 荣登 “天字第一号”


@ericwilson 为例,在反对别人的时候,自己却在给自己的留言点赞:
屏幕快照 2020-05-27 下午3.31.09.png

这样双重标准的垃圾人,我也从没关注过。之所以 @ericwilson 能入榜单第一号,因为他是主动上门来downvote我的。

对于 @ericwilson 这类人,我应该用什么回报他们的“downvote”?当然是"downvote back", 难道还是“upvote”?


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Have I done something to you, or are you just naturally a dick?

Definitely a dick who happily milks Steem. Seems that is what Justin wants to see here. Good riddance to Steem.

The little man needed to feel like a big man for awhile.
The hits will stop giving him the same kick as he does it more.
Let's see where his petty ass is in 3 months when daddy gets tired of his drama.

The Steem people are trying to pretend everything is okay whilst the house is on fire. This is fine :)

Lol, respet my authoritie!!

They own the marbles, if they steemicide it will be on them, though it harms more than just them.

just downvoe back for your downvotes on my steem/hive posts.


I have never flagged you on steem.


屏幕快照 2020-05-29 下午8.58.38.png


你有权选择“downvote”的“开始”,那么就应该轮到我选择“downvote back”的“结束”,这很公平。



  ·  2 years ago (Edited)

We have an opportunity right now to move away from the downvote drama.

One of the problems with the Hive team is a small group of people who hang out in the same place decided who was a circle jerker/vote trader while ignoring their own tendency to vote together. I tried to bring it up, but I think they had become so confident in their power to not be able to see their hypocrisy.

I think every user should be very careful about labeling or removing a large portion of another's rewards. It's fine to flag a bit off make a polite comment about why, but attacking, labeling and smashing an account is a huge part of the reason many left Steem, and or had no interest in Hive.

Let's becareful not to create that again.

It's funny to watch one of the big Steem milkers complain of being victimised. Don't worry as the Hive people are all powering down and will trouble Steem no more. Of course those who lost their funds may bear more of a grudge. We all know it's nothing to do with protecting Steem...

We all use our downvotes as individuals and they are as valid as upvotes. Certainly more valid than self-votes :)

I'm not a witness of top 20 in the community of steem/hive, so it's not very meaningful for me to discuss this kind of thing.

But it's good to see your rational discussion. thanks.

Connivance at double standard behavior will inevitably lead to the chaos of the community, the departure of good people and the arrogance of bad people.

I can only implement the downvote back for those active downvote on my post with double standard.

I can only implement the downvote back for those active downvote on my post with double standard.

I have never downvoted you. I also haven't downvoted anybody else in a while. I ask again that you remove your downvote from me.

Also, I am confused by your use of the term "double standard". I think something might be getting lost in translation. Is there another way to say what you mean? I ask this in ernest and not to fault you. I just want to make sure I am understanding what your are saying.

my downvote on your post because of the post income is main from @tribesteemup upvote.

before tribesteemup give me reply and comfirm, I will downvote back on these posts which his upvote make income mainly.

he cancel, I will cancel. you are not in my flaglist at now.

Maybe he is downvoting you because someone who upvoted you downvoted him. Would that make it right for him to downvote you?

I've considered this possibility, so it's only limited to these posts/replies which have a large proportion of his upvote or is related to him.

Your posts, he's a very large proportion.

I'm sorry, but I respect what you say. But it's really not because of what you said or did, but because of his upvote, which nearly up to 100%!

he cancel, I will cancel too.

The downvotes you're referring to were removed 2 days ago, before you flagged people and posted about me...

I have found that @tribesteemup cancel downvotes on @huaren.news at that time, but @tribesteemup
did not cancelled downvotes on @steemflag at that time.

at now, I have found that @tribesteemup cancelled downvotes on @steemflag too, so I will cancel my downvotes ,as my words in my post.

I don't want this to happen again. It's a waste both our vote mana.


@tribesteemup. Thank you for your generosity. If you have any cause you'd like to me support, let me know what it is.

All downvotes on your account @huaren.news from @tribesteemup were removed more than 2 days ago (minutes after being made.)

I have found that @tribesteemup cancel downvotes on @huaren.news at that time, but @tribesteemup
did not cancelled downvotes on @steemflag at that time.

at now, I have found that @tribesteemup cancelled downvotes on @steemflag too, so I will cancel my downvotes ,as my words in my post.

I don't want this to happen again. It's a waste both our vote mana.


It doesn't take being a witness to influence how things are done and with what tone they are done.

All of us impact the culture and especially those with a large stake or visibility.

I didn't flag him, haven't flagged anybody since the fork.
He's a acting like a punk to me.

Wife and kids won't listen to him, but, by god, he's got power here.


just downvoe back for your downvotes on my steem/hive posts.

Right, so I downvote you for good reason and you downvote me for revenge.
I take .08htu and you take 5.0.

Sounds to me like an ego problem, maybe little man's disease.
I didn't downvote you on steem, and the downvotes on hive were a collective decision.

Take your pettiness and go, eh?


你决定“downvote”的“开始”,那就轮到我决定“downvote back”的“结束”。

没有 5.0的限制,只有到我忘了你为止,没有限额!


that quote, "be careful not to become that which you fight against" comes to mind and it is rather sad that some users have to use a lot of socks to even join in on many things, others just left and found better things to do and some dip in and out to see if anything has improved "nice post"


@huaren.news transfered 2.5 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 89.76%, voting power : 1729, voting power : 1794138.57, SBD KRW : 1223.39.

This post has received a 42.71 % upvote from @boomerang.

Hello! I know this is an old post, but I would like to ask you about your flags of me and the @ghostbanker faucet project. I would invite you to reply to me or leave a comment there if you can help me understand why all of our posts are getting flagged.

Thank you for your time 😀


There is a strong relationship between these accounts. Is it a relative account acting in concert? Some accounts downvote me for no reason.

Hello! Please forgive me for the late reply.

'ecoinstant','ecoinstats','ecoinstar','ghostbanker','ecosaint' - These are my accounts. All the others are associated with @josephsavage. I know josephsavage through the @steembasicincome project, of which I am a major user. If you would like to come into the SBI Discord if there is a dispute over flags I'm sure there would be space to resolve it there.

Thank you for your response.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment