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This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

  • This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List.

  • Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

steemit accounts


tron puppets


Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp


  • 너희들 스팀도 동일하게 대우된다는 것을 잊지 말거라.

  • Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

  • 그리고 아래 이미지는 프록시토큰의 증인보팅 내역 입니다.

  • And the image below shows the witness statement of @proxy.token

  • 너희들의 이런 결정이 중앙화이고, 검열인거야.(Your decision is centralization and censorship.)

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Anyone who contributed to have 90% of the chain controlled by one server controlled by one entity for months is not welcome on the decentralized chain.

Good riddance.

Yup... totally agree, but someday, we gotta be open to the idea that Hive will hardfork into another chain, say
LIBERTY (FromAssholesWhalesStakeHolder)... and then folks will mass powerdown Hive and sell it to oblivion after the hardfork like what's going to happen to Steem. The precedent has been set. I look forward to doubling my HIVE when that happens.

This one raises one of the major concerns I was thinking when the Hive split off; they claimed that they were going to maintain the 'account' on the new servers.

Let's think about that for a moment.

You have an account at bank A, the managers at the bank have an argument with the CEO, so, they decide that they will create bank B across the street and will maintain the accounts and the values of them.

You as a user have an account at bank A and a duplicate at bank B; you can then sell off your accounts and double the funds.

Simply, if cryptos were treated as a type of security, there would be a group of people who would be going to jail for 10-20 years a piece for pulling this kind of stunt.

We should each (ESPECIALLY people who invested real money into the platform) be asking ourselves how we can maintain trust in a system that can be torn apart and redistributed because of those within the community with the most influence?

  ·  9 days ago (Edited)

I'm very curious to know if you are currently in charge of all the decisions regarding the Hive fork and if this was your decision or if others were involved?

Edit: I'm referring to the exclusion of investors who voted for the sock puppet witnesses.

You are still controlled by a ninja mined stake, all witnesses will be decided by @freedom

Nothing like using a centralized solution to thwart an attempt at centralization, eh?

  ·  12 days ago (Edited)


LOL! Enjoy the centralized pump and dump network you voted for. Hive doesn't airdrop on the people who voted to attack it.

How ridiculous to call it : „ethnic cleansing“ when you just get rid of assholes 🙀

Bleibst Du etwas auch hier? Ich hoffe, Du kommst auch zu Hive!

Yea, ^^^ that is a hilariously crappy piece of propaganda.

"H" Who is censoring posts?
"I" Is so stupid I don't even know where to start.
"V" Justin took aggressive actions, A TEMPORARY hold was put on the steemit inc. funds, in defense of everyone on this chain, till there was clarification. It absolutely justified.
"E" Folks from all over the world are over on Hive, including some Koreans. So..... That can objectively be labeled Absolute Bullshit.



the community didnt decide anything. The witnesses did. the community didn't vote for the exclusion of accounts.

Go cheer to your new Führer J. Sun who meanwhile controles something around 100-110Million STEEM, bought in a private deal from N. Scott.. You stay on STEEM, you'll never be free and you know it. Whatever, life is too short, I don't care.

Why was I included I proxied Dan and only had set my votes before that years ago

I think they have a way to appeal for that. Check their discord server or message any witness to help you with that. I'm sure they will understand your situation. At least I hope so.

https://peakd.com/me/proposals you can find a group of people and gather money ( hive coin ) and create a proposal. Once you create it, let me know about that and I will vote. Maybe more hive people will vote and those who didn't get the ardrop will get it.

How do you define "blockchain"? Is it just a centralized database controlled by one person or something more? How can you support someone who intends to run a blockchain like a centralized database? "Ethnic cleansing" is absolutely ridiculous. This isn't about race at all, it's about those who chose to attack Steem and made it clear by their actions they are not interested in what Hive represents (decentralization).

That said, I didn't agree with the criteria used or the subjective method for how it was determined. I understand the perspective of those who came up with it, but I would have preferred to just exclude the Steemit ninja-mined stake just as v0.22.2 did. You can read my witness post here for more details. Those who were excluded can submit a proposal to get their Hive tokens, as far as I understand.

Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

Maybe something is lost in translation here, but what do you mean by this? Do you mean in the future Hive might restrict your tokens? I would not support that as long as I'm a witness. This initial launch of Hive is about separating out those who actively attacked Steem by centralizing it.

Link to submit proposal because i rushed to action when this all first started and left a couple witnesses selected by mistake before i found out who was who, and boom i'm forked out of the airdrop. Let me know if/when they have a link for this.

I'm not sure what the overall solution will be, but I suggest keeping track of proposals here: https://peakd.com/me/proposals

I hope something gets worked out.

Head over to the Discord and chat people up. I'm sure you'll find a solution.

Judging from the previous conversation, I believe that you are worth talking to.

You read lots of replies (including some on your own posts) or postings that explicitly say "korea" and/or "chinese". I don't think we need more evidence.

I am still waiting for the official airdrop and launch to confirm. Yet, such discriminate behavior contradicts the main value of Hive - decentralization.

Will write more after the fork. Good luck.

The criteria is clear,
1 vote for more than 2 fake witnesses and has more than 1000.SP

Do you not get the intent of this selection?

Unfortunately, the criteria is not clear. Take a look at my votes.
It will come back to you like a ninja mining stake.
Shady start once again.

Hey Luke, as you can see on this post, @proxy.token has voted both side of them to buy time to talk each other. Many of Kr members wanted to protect this place. But initial launcher of Hive has treated us like a stranger or sock puppet of tron.

Every STEEM holder has their own voting right to 30 witenesses. That is a fundamental utility of STEEM. But you guys has excluded accounts that has voted to tron 2 or more. Do you think this is reasonable and decentralized way? How could you..

You guys already did violation of property right 2 times. HIVE is the most centralized and censorship-powered blockchain ever.I don't want to see the token listing of Permissioned blockchain on our Korean crypto-exchange.

Your property is not being touched. You owned STEEM, you still own your STEEM. What you don't own is HIVE, but you never owned it, so no one has touched your property.

Sorry, who's this?

doesn't matter

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You guys got exactly what you voted for which was the Justin Sun sinking Steemy ship. Those who were wise knew what the end goal was if we couldn't stop it from sinking. We tried to save as many as we could, but you guys kept trying to keep us on the sinking ship. Finally a rescue ship was called in, and you still refused to save yourself.

Justin Sun Seriously violated private property rights when he stole the community stake. It wasn't use. He is further violating private property rights by censoring hive related posts on steemit, and a future hardfork will censor it from appearing on the condenser api. All at Justin Sun's/Tron's decretion. You voted for that centralizing San Francisco faggot, and now you got him. Oh, but you don't own what you voted for. He owns you, your logos. Congratulations! Furthermore, the concessus witnesses didn't violate your property rights by not Giving you free hive tokens. They were not Your hive tokens to begin with. You've demonstrated that you are a plague on the community and to DPOS. Enjoy what you voted for, and stop complaining that you aren't happy about it.

We tried to save as many as we could

What the heck? There is no evidence of an effort to save the place and money at all from you.

You guys tends to polarise people Tron vs Old-witness. That's the real problem. You are a REAL plague idiot. We're never been to build walls to retain our community.

Don't kid yourself, I don't need any useless fork token at all. :D Enjoy your the most centralized world.

You tried playing kingpin. It wasn’t sustainable. I loathe to say it but proxy.token’s return was the worst powerplay I’ve ever seen.

Nevertheless I totally appreciate that PT switched to maintaining a no HF status and I absolutely do not support a free platform where one can not vote freely. In this whole situation, ever since 22.2, nothing has gone right. Nobody EVER made any positive moves, it was a never-ending disaster, made worse day after day.

OMG! Another leech is coming. A real disaster is Steem has lots of farmers, like you, til now.

Thank you for the compliments. Sadly enough, I actually do support the PT side in the airdrop debate. I also did express my respect for installing the status quo.

I guess not, I guess I’m merely a leech and a farmer apparently. Too bad about all the time I invested in steem, without actually posting.

Enjoy your day and your pedestal. See you!

True, man.

Ethnic Cleansing? That's a little harsh, maybe hostile to counterview is warranted.

The ethnic group of people who vote for fake witnesses to subvert community consensus.

Well, they did happen to share an ethnicity, but plenty from other ethnicities are also excluded from the airdrop due to their choice to support a centralized hostile takeover.

I don't believe Hive plans to censor opposing views like Sun has

But Hive block the air drop of the opposite thinker.

Hive decided not to gift funds to those who are hostile to it, Steemit on the other hand hid all posts that it disagreed with. If Sun achieves full centralization like he intends, then he could edit the blockchain itself and remove posts.

What I'm talking about right now is not JS's steemit. Hive said to himself opposes centralization, is blocking airdrops to opposing thinkers.

Yes, Hive is built around decentralization, like Steem used to be. That's the reason why Hive was created, because Steem had become centralized. The people who are blocked from receiving the airdrops are the people who oppose the foundation of what Hive is built on.

Who decided the air drop block? Few witnesses? That is centralization.

Yes, I guess you could say all creations begin centralized by their creators. I would say though that the witnesses were elected by the community on Steem, and after the airdrop is finished all changes to the blockchain will be made by community elected witnesses.

It is impossible to ever achieve a fully decentralized platform imo, but we can do our best at working towards it. Sun's vision was a heavily centralized and censored blockchain that Hive rejects and hopes to avoid while improving the governance system. I believe the price of Hive and Steem will be a good indicator of which the community stands with (if the vast discrepancy in number of witness votes does not already)

Anyone who is running the 0.23.0 code.

Satoshi didn't give me 100 free BTC when he launched the chain. Thus, bitcoin is centralized.

Just like how steemit.com is blocking the posts of people who have been hostile to them? It's not as if the posts are being removed from the blockchain. It's just a frontend.

If we are going to say something is wrong, let's not try to colour it slightly appealing when our 'favourites' do the same thing.

Hive excludes the airdrop from people that voted to attack Steem. An opposite thinker that votes to centralize a blockchain is certainly thinking oppositely towards reality.

What is the reason that I am excluded? I don't know what to say. Thank you.

  ·  11 days ago (Edited)

I'm unsure, as I believe the criteria was supposed to allow an airdrop to those that unvoted before the Hive announcement. Thankfully there is an avenue to appeal for the excluded airdrop using the Hive version of SPS.

Edit: It seems there was an error made in limited cases like yours, based on the timing of votes. This is going to be fixed, possibly without the necessity of an appeal. Stay tuned.

I attempted delegated you a mere 5 HP for hive. Last I heard the delegating process is buggy, so it may or may not be there.
Hopefully that can be enough to get you started in the appeal process when it starts-or a few posts a week.


Thats BS. Our votes for Justin are not as important as your votes for you? It wasnt an attack. It was the only chance you fools had to go mainstream. Now we will do it without your itchy hive covered asses.

If you take a closer look, the accounts only voting for one of the sockpuppet witnesses were not excluded from the airdrop. Even though collectively these accounts were used to attack Steem, it is (in my opinion) valid for a Steem stakeholder to vote for one of these accounts as a vote for Justin/Tron as a Steem witness. There was enough consensus for this that the threshold was 2 or more attack accounts voted for.

Not the point. Hive has been planned behind the scenes long before JSun showed up. This was always the plan. To Make a fool out of any investor who joins the team in order to make steemit grow. The witnesses never cared about us.

I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Most witnesses initially wanted to keep Steem going and a hard fork like this was a last resort. There was no long-term behind the scenes planning for this. This Hive hard fork was only begun in earnest after Steem was attacked. Even then it wasn't guaranteed to happen until the more gullible of the Steem community decided to support the attack, prolonging a stalemate. Everyone looking for a win-win should consider this fork one, especially those that had their Steem balances excluded from Hive's airdrop.

Why do you care if HIVE isn't going to give you any free tokens? You still have your steem, let people do what they want with their stake

Why wouldn't they? Hive is a steem fork and the existence is going to crash steem. If the community was going to leave to a new chain and exclude everyone but you, you would probably be pretty annoyed about it as well.

let people do what they want with their stake

Says the person defending the exclusion of certain steemians stake.

Boo hoo, should have thought of that before siding with Justin!

Some people made mistakes voting for the wrong ppl in the confusion while trying to help and now will be possibly excluded smh (including me) I shoulda just sat on my hands and done nothing maybe? This is crazy.

They didnt side with Justin, try and keep up here. They voted for enpugh witnesses to keep a power balance and stop either side from hard forking and encouraged communication.

So then they can stick with steem! Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

So then they can stick with steem!

Again, they didnt side with justin.

Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

Thats a real strong statment coming from someone who is going to be stuffing his face with that free lunch.

Lol oh wow as if its a life-changing amount, look at me and my few extra digital cents, seriously?! You're just looking for a bone to pick!

Hey why dont you show me up and send your hive to @null instead of sitting here boasting about how you already gotten over other people not getting the same benefits that you are.

Yea, they just make a ransom to remove downvotes and shorter power down.

You mean the things Justin Sun wanted to do in the first place? They prevented Sun from hard forking the chain so that they could demand he do the things he wanted to do?

Fucking lol, again, as I asked the other guy. Please show the proof of this claim.

Proxy token posted a whole fucking post. Asking witnesses to comment on those topics. U claim to know whats going on but completely oblivious of everything that went on in last 2 weeks.

Thank you for posting a source, I actually found another one up in their blog. That said, I really don't see these as demands. More like figuring out who to vote for. You made it sound like they were threatening to vote for Sun if the demands weren't met. Or visa versa.

The only witness they were voting for that answered postively seems to be timcliff. In the post in their blog ausbitbank gave a flat no and they voted him. There were plenty of others who would give them what ever they wanted. I didn't see a comment from blocktrades or yabbapmatt or roelandp, but I doubt thats the kind of thing they would support.

These are real people you know, and unlike Sun they bought their steem at market value. They should be able to vote for witnesses that aline more to their values.

Thats what literally every other voter does.

I see your mate's on the list, I guess he'll be moaning about that.

Sad not to see crystalieu or however you spell it there.

I was also wondering whether blockbrothers might be on there, they did kind of say they were happy to consider working with Sun.

Work, why would you want to do a thing like that!?


Yet another proof that we are dealing with ideologically possessed communists who don't believe in private property rights.

What a lovely message for all the investors and users.

If you don't like our commy utopia, we will excommunicate you.

This is their vision of decentralization :D


If Steemit and/or Hive are censoring what doesn't suit them, I'm not agree with any website because of being better than Steemit or better than Hive. Personally, I don't want to keep good/evil with any one. This competence is ridiculous & inmature to me.
I don't know why the %&@~=! are Hive fighting against Steemit & viceversa.
They dont seem decentralized websites ¡They seem political parties!

Make your own fork and exclude anyone you want.

How exactly do we appeal?

I I don't like any type of hegemony where money or a platform is concerned. The curators and main authors of steem pretty much ran it how they wanted and rarely cared to bring the best the platform had to offer to new users. Seems like as long as a stranger isn't the oppressor were all good? Decentralization is decentralization. it isnt a sales pitch. its a lifestyle.

@kopasi I am also don't like the situation. You can see my thoughts on this by post
Can you know how to contact Mr. Justin Sun? If you have something let me know at discord with same id.

what can I say? I didn't even know what I've supported because I voted @justyy as my proxy.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

https://peakd.com/me/proposals you can find a group of people and gather money ( hive coin ) and create a proposal. Once you create it, let me know about that and I will vote. Maybe more hive people will vote and those who didn't get the ardrop will get it.

I don't have access to steemsql, so I can't quickly find things. I see your interactions with jestyy goes back over a year and the type of rewards he offered, but I wasn't able to find out when you set him as a proxy for witness voting.

Trying to identify when that occurred, if it happened before Sun purchased steemit, then it might be able to help the upcoming appeals process. Even if it did occur afterwards don't rule out an appeal.

There reportedly is an appeals process starting up at some point. At the moment hivesigner appears to be down with a 404 error, otherwise, as I have done with others, I'd delegate 5HP to you to get started with. If It don't do it in 24 hours, lemme know.





그가 우리를 계속 섬길 것이라고 생각하기 때문입니다.

proxy voted way earlier than all this. It was in 2019 October. Even after he can't pay the interest anymore, I did not withdraw the proxy vote because I think he did a good job running a witness for the Chinese community.

Nice find. Definitely do an appeal. I'll tag @pfunk , He/she might know what next to do.

Yeah he'll want to do an appeal when that process is set up.

I managed to get the transaction done that should have delegated you 5 HP. But at the moment, it appears Justin Sun is doing a ddos on hive so I can't verify.

고마워 Delegation 을 받았습니다

한국 분들은 거의 스팀에 남겠네요...

Hi @kopasi I am kind of pissed off as I was eagerly waiting to Join Hive today I logged in and my wallet does not work it just says "Host Error" so I can't upvote or comment or do anything. I thought it was suppose to mirror Steemit. I have been on Steemit for almost 4 years, this is not a good intrduction to the new HIVE Platform.😵

Hey Karen, don't fret! Your account has its share of the airdrop just as it was on Steem at the time of the fork: https://hiveblocks.com/@karenmckersie

Any issues you're experiencing are temporary hiccups that will happen when something like this occurs. I believe https://peakd.com (SteemPeak but for Hive) should work for you.