Many people think that bitcoin is more active in many ways and decreases drastically and there will be a golden moon

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Many people think that bitcoin which is more active in many ways and decreases drastically and there will be a golden moon eclipse which may happen sometime is speculation but Q4is Wall Street Investors have a big part of this story and some of it is to collect gold. Allocations of things like gold atifs and inbut coins, which some JPMorgan and other banks have observed and talked about, I think a big part of the price increase right now is back to New York Yes, if illegal investors have to move away from traditional security shelters. Gold means in the rest of the world I want you not to break any kind of trade legislation but you should get bitcoin completely but I mean why these people do this Not saying they don't know why there is no price. I'll give you all kinds of interesting information, but most of it is basically a hype game at this point, which means you have to invest around 40k for the average person. Looking for a job that is almost impossible, maybe you can buy a little bit, you can see it unless you are non-motivated in this game. You can make millions of your own, which I have made billions of people there, but they had invested in early 2010 and because of this, in fact, its real impact has been detached from the political connections of Maybi. Their investment in Crypto is a good place because there is no reality, because this market is very good in York and it is very good for us. Why is this company thinking that this is the right place because According to Janhal, this is the reason. New York It's not at all. I like it. I love a good discussion. Appreciate the comments. Yes, it means that I will raise another aspect, which is why I have a portfolio of co-founders of Verdemi. Was the manager and had a university stipend and the thesis was initially allocated as a new asset class in allocating it to each other as a new asset class. You know that there were technicians who were initially adopters who entered the Khilafah which made it better in seven years while this bitcoin was a financial asset which made it a There is a huge financial asset due to which the market structure, then your institution is in demand and John is mentioned. Not based on reality, but based on something that happened in 2020. If we look around New York, what would happen to the investors that people in such countries face if we look? 2020 is a pretty dramatic shift if you think and look at the macroeconomic background. There was a moment in the mihrab where the assets of the danger completely fell out of bed and then, in amazement, you recovered the shape from the walled alley and the stock daily. I saw the performance of different stock markets of K Nasdaq in which I can stop you there and stop you for a second. For which I'm really sorry to assume the size of the assumption that I am absolutely stupid of what it means and when you talk about investing in a sentence I get the meaning. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The basic principles for humane human beings have been fully tested in many ways by the small businesses of their employment which experience is a very different fact that was fed here by the central bank experts that more Money was hidden that ever went down in history. I think it's like all of us. The dollars that exist were created in the last year 2020, I just have to take this idea of ​​inflation and I guess you can easily interpret it as basically putting money in the theme as a stimulus. Mark the amount of KLP.

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