Back to the Future or Forward to the Past? Magic place within our childhood matrix ... simple artistic reflection from my own perspective ...

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Sometimes you just wonder if there's a chance to return back to your childhood ... that land of infinite ideas, magic happening in an infinite ways, no boarders of imagination, simple playing which could just take to an other realm of creativity ... AND, this wondering would happen'just because you've discovered one of your old paintings from your kindergarten or 1th grade from school :)

Why i am mentioning this?

Because today it happened to me this magical thing.

I've discovered between my sketches and some old paintings, this old painting that i can recall it from kindergarten or 1th grade in school ...

my childhood painting.jpg

I know that for some it's just a simple painting on which probably i was just taught some combinations of colours through the shape of lemons :)

Maybe it was a subliminal in an artistic way, which not every artist will understand later in life, that, when life offers you lemons, during your career ( if you would like to call it so, even if do not like to call art as a career ... but in humanoid terms ... suits well with this Matrix) through art, no matter if it would music, painting, drawing, dancing, photographing and so on ... Just embrace the idea, take those lemons offered even now through this epic time through which we are travling in space and time ... AND make an awesome magic lemonade :)

I wish i could have a magic wand like my buddy Hagrid, and through its powers to switch everything into something much better, much sacred not in something, that instead of changing in good in just goes in chaos ... and i don't think people are prepared yet to understand the true oath of "ordo ab chaos" ...

I still remain to the concept that soon i will have my own wand and i'll have the power to change everything in better a place to be or a better Matrix :)


How many of you are still dreaming on that infinite land of miracles where the magic is still there and will remain there forever?

Maybe through a movie like Jingle Jangle, you'll re-discover that place within your mind and soul.

Feel free and enjoy some of my compositions


Is this the Window Portal of the Spirit of Christmas Past?

Do you still feel that Christmas is still around, especially through this period of time, when the weather is still capricious ?

Funny enough how years after years, humanity was always trying to program itself in being a better one for this period of the year when everyone tries to be better as soul ...

I've always asked myself, why cannot we be with this spirit of Christmas in our hearts for the whole year?

It is not funny, that we have problems in understanding the sacred meaning of what we call Life, through this thing called love, which reversed, means evol, and in the same time we are living inside a matrix named Earth, which in matter of anagram meaning, Earth equals Heart ? :)

This short sketch i've created a few moments ago, reflects somehow that Christmas Portal through this magic window, where for the whole time of the year, you can sense the true sacred spirit of Christmas ... but maybe everyone needs that experience of Mr.Scrooge to receive the Enlightenment :)


My next story will be from a spectrum that will take us to a journey inside the Desert of Namib :)

I've just finished a quick sketch of an idea it just came out of nowhere, through which i've thought that a story that would take to those lands where the skies are infinite, but somehow the Time Portals somehow are hidden below the magic sand of the Namib Desert ...

Somehow, the idea took me to that space between this world and some other dimensions, through the power of a time portal that can help us travel through the gate of stones, bellow the sands of the golden dust of the desert ...

Every time when someone would travel, the entire dust from the sand of the desert would transform in particles of gold and vibranium ...

Maybe the people from Wankanda found these Portals and through the power of the golden sand particles, they traveled inside other dimensions and Matrixes, from where they've received the sacred knowledge from the ancestors ...

I've kept the colour of the walls and stones in a kind of a coffee one ... which for seems to represent very well the blessed land of Afrikya :)

I've always thought that under the desert of Namib, there are some secret mazes of this Earth/Heart :) that might tell us the true story of this Matrix, that cares the name of something sacred within our Temples, named bodies ... and i've whispered it above ... Earth/Heart ... this sacred meaning is simply from an anagram point of view which is something simply artistically personal ...

Hopefully, you'll enjoy my quick #digitalart sketch and hope to see more #steemians artists around this Matrix.

Ciao a tutti from the Kingdom of Wakanda!

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