RE: This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

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This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

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I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Most witnesses initially wanted to keep Steem going and a hard fork like this was a last resort. There was no long-term behind the scenes planning for this. This Hive hard fork was only begun in earnest after Steem was attacked. Even then it wasn't guaranteed to happen until the more gullible of the Steem community decided to support the attack, prolonging a stalemate. Everyone looking for a win-win should consider this fork one, especially those that had their Steem balances excluded from Hive's airdrop.

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Steem wasnt attacked! Justin Sun had no ill intentions when he bought steemit. If the initial softfork wasnt done, everything woild be fine. This is scared witnesses who did zero decent research on tron, Justin or what we as a community would have brought. This is biting the hand that feeds and opting out. This is a huge mistake, ostracizing a reputable leader (which steem obviously lacked over the last 4 years) pushing rhetoric and not even giving Justin time to do due diligence and figure out a legitimate move to better steemit. I saw racism, I saw lies, I saw Justin attempt many times to work directly with witnesses to come to a resolution. Steemit will be just fine as it onboards passionate tron and BitTorrent community and works to become a mainstream social platform.

  ·  7 months ago (Edited)

Any centralization of a blockchain network is an attack. There's no other way to put it.

Justin Sun is not reputable. His actions alone with Steem and Steemit so far prove that beyond any doubt. And then there is everything else he does, even with Tron. He's a fraud and a charlatan in the blockchain space.

No, he did not do anything to actually work with the witnesses elected by Steem stakeholders. Witnesses initially reached out and were not responded to. The AMA shortly after the purchase announcement was a complete joke. Any tardy attempt he made to talk was always on his own terms, and served only to stall for his own means. There was no real dialogue. He didn't buy Steem when he bought Steemit Inc and the real, non-sockpuppet witnesses were there to say so.

Oh your one of those people hung up on some fantasy of decentralization, the fact hive has and is able to enforce a blacklist, or the fact the former witnesses were able to softfork the funtionality of Justins stake proves just how ridiculous and unready the concept really is for practical usecase. Good luck out there, there is nothing decentralized about hive.

Hive was started from Steem, and excluded some accounts' balances from Steem to airdrop to the corresponding accounts on Hive. Steem still exists, we're using it. Don't use Hive if you don't want to. It's entirely optional. Any tokens that you or anyone else were airdropped on Hive at its launch are compliments of Hive. You are looking at it entirely backwards.

Dude he literally told you at the town hall a few days ago he was building a team to work directly with witnesses. He runs several businesses duder. He cant just jump in and work 24/7 on steemit, it was working fine when he got it, all he did was remove ugly banner ads and push the community upgrade. But you guys just arbitrarily forked the whole thing up.

A few days ago was much too late. In the meantime he's been continuing the voting war and begging certain communities of Steem stakeholders to support his attack, making all kinds of promises that would essentially ruin the security design of Steem. Creating Hive was not an arbitrary decision.

Anyway, if you don't want to listen to what's really going on, I won't waste more of my time. I've paid close attention to and participated in this saga since the beginning and I can't help anyone if they want to remain ignorant to the whole situation.

Im not ignorant, i'm a huge fan of Justin Sun. There is a difference. Its not an attack, its Tron finding steem lifeless and putting it on life support while the infectious hive tries to continue feeding on it. Justin is basically just using his power to apply antihistamines in an attempt to resuscitate a comatose project.

O vey, this thriving community is not living to its utmost potential because it lacks censorship, centralisation, bribes and threats to its governance, let me give some doses of totalitarianism and lies and everything will be solved!