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1 . News

Title : Young shoppers flock to luxury goods

While luxury goods purchases had been considered the preserve of the middle class, millennials and Gen Z have recently emerged as a notable consumer demographic leading this market boom.

  • 기사 제공: The Korea Times

번역 : 과거에는 명품 구매가 중산층의 전유물로 여겨졌던 반면 최근에는 밀레니얼 세대와 Z세대가 명품 시장의 판매 호조를 주도하는 주목할만한 소비자층으로 부상했다.

2. Words

  • flock : to gather or move in a crowd

  • emerge :
    1 ) to become known or apparent
    2 ) to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition, to come out into view

  • notable : unusual and worth noticing

  • demographic :
    1 ) the qualities (such as age, sex, and income) of a specific group of people
    2 ) a group of people that has a particular set of qualities

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