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1 . News

Title : Koreans reluctant to unmask on first day of eased indoor mask rule

Monday marked the first day of the drastic easing of Korea's indoor mask mandate after it was enforced nationwide in October 2020.

번역 : 월요일은 지난 2020년 10월 실내마스크 착용이 전국적으로 시행된 이후 마스크 착용 의무가 해제된 첫날이다.

기사 제공: The Korea Times

2. Words

  • reluctant : feeling or showing doubt about doing something, not willing or eager to do something
  • be reluctant to : ~하기 주저하다, 망설이다
  • ease : to free (someone or something) from trouble or worry
  • drastic : extreme in effect or action, severe or serious
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