Bitcoin (BTC) analysis of the day 19.07.2021 - The supports are breaking, should we be worried?

in SteemCoinPan •  9 days ago 


The decline in Bitcoin (BTC) continues, first the support at $ 31500 and then the support at $ 31000 were broken. Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $ 30300 today, then recovered and returned to $ 30800.

It is currently trading at $30788. Did it really lose the support of 31000 and 31500 dollars?

I think it hasn't lost support yet. Investors are waiting for it to drop a little more to buy. I think it will go above $31000 again in the coming hours.

I think the sales pressures will take another 1-2 weeks. Then, many cryptocurrencies, especially BTC, will recover rapidly.

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