Bitcoin (BTC) is stabilizing and showing a desire to rise

in SteemCoinPan •  17 days ago 


BTC, which fell fast with weekend sales requests, recovered fast and its price is now stabilizing. BTC had dropped to the $ 50,000 levels over the weekend, but it quickly moved away from there and returned to the $ 55,000 levels. It is currently receiving support at $ 55,000.

When we look at the daily data, if it is giving a bullish signal again, it may exceed $ 60,000 again if it can stay at the level of $ 55,000. There is also a serious support at $ 53,000 and $ 54,000, I don't think it will fall below its rate, it will quickly move upwards if it falls. For now, BTC is giving a bullish signal and will exceed $ 60,000 again in the short term.

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