Could Bitcoin (BTC) reach a new record? Where is the target?

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Bitcoin (BTC), which has been stagnant for a long time, has entered a new uptrend today. Bitcoin (BTC), which has been trying to break the $ 58,500 resistance for a long time, has finally overcome this resistance. Even today, it has exceeded $ 59,000 and reached the level of $ 59438. It is currently trading at $ 59043.

If BTC exceeds $ 60,000, a new ATH could hit. When we examine the chart, it does not seem difficult to exceed $ 60,000. If he can handle this, a quick bull race can begin. Also, the recent slow motion of BTC showed that the bull market was at its beginning. And with today's movement, BTC can start a bull run and reach a new record in the coming days. There are no barriers for BTC to reach higher heights, on the contrary, many investors expect a new rise.

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