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[공지]Four-Party conversation time (Steem foundation, Tron foundation, Steem witnesses, and Korean community)

in SteemCoinPan •  25 days ago  (Edited)

일 시 : 2020년03월11일 23:00 (한국표준시간)

Day: March 11th, 2020 at 23:00 (Korea Standard Time)

참가자에게 사정이 생겨 일정이 변경되었습니다.(Due to circumstances, the schedule has been changed for the participants.)

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Dear Korean Community. You asked for input from the "old" witnesses. We have compiled our stance on matters for the meeting which has been postponed. The bullet points have now been published for input and your feedback:


keep steem decentralized

where will the conversation take place?