Witness Policy, 500 steempower up voting event(Agust 7), The door is open for everybody

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외국의 스티미언을 위해 오늘 포스팅은 영어로 작성했습니다.

The door is open for everybody

I received a comment from @stef1 as below

Hi @steem-agora, I noticed that initiative of Steem Power up 500 Steem that your community is doing. Is that open for other Steemians too? If I do 500 SP Up can I submit the link too?

The answer is "of course and welcome"

If anyone who do 500 SP up from the exchanges and submit the link can be upvoted by @steem-agroa with more than 530,000 SP.

The amount of Voting power will be added with more than 100,000 SP, it means that at this weekend, the amount of SP will grow more than 640,000 SP. Approximately about 70% of the SP will be used for the accounts did 500 SP up.

The amount of SP will grow day by day.

The event would continue today as usual.

If you move 500 steem from the exchanges and do SP Up, then I will vote for you.

You can move 500 steem from the exchanges by several times

Today's voting power is more than 535,100 SP.

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500 Power-up has been done~
Thank you so much for your support~


I can't imagine how i can receive like this i like steemit



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Hello how are you!




Interesting, and fun offer. Mostly though for English posters, Steem feels fairly over. 1 good vote isn't going to change that.

Cool invite though!

How i can invite?

Wow! That sounds like a big win to me. Few months back the definitive verdict from you haters was "Steem is dead". Now "it feels fairly over". Good progress, wouldn't you agree?
Shows the @steemit team are doing a pretty good job.

Except you confuse me with being a hater

Relax and enjoy your ADDICTIONAL #TRX rewards.
What doesn't kill Steem makes it stronger.


스파업 했습니다. 감사합니다.




스파업했습니다. 감사합니다.

스크린샷 2021-08-07 오후 6.12.41.png



500 스팀 파워업 했습니다.







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Thank you for bringing this post in English, that will give an opportunity for others to read and understand. Great initiative!

Thank you
I wish many people take part in this event

제꺼 스파업이 누락되었네요^^


I did this power up days ago. I don't know if it's worth it but I like to testify to the goodness of your initiative.

Screenshot (109).png


Thank-you very much!

Dear @steem-agora, I was very pleased to read about your wonderful initiative to raise Steem Power.
I don't know if we could have entered your contest since we raised our Steem power before you published your post.
did powering up 3752Steem 01.08.21
Thanks to you.

Скриншот 2021-08-01 19.37.30.png

Скриншот 2021-08-01 19.40.53(2).png

Greetings friend @ steem-agora

It is difficult for us Venezuelans to invest from a platform, since we do not generate enough to cover our basic needs, however, I have been committed to investing a large part of my rewards in Steem Power to grow on the platform.

I appreciate this motivational program for those who can invest in Steem.

Let's keep growing.

Here I present my #powerup for today, I will be doing my best to continue growing until I become a whale.


Esto es super genial !

vale muy bien

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