Join the dark side of the force.

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The story that takes place between Episode III Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and that unfolds around the character of Darth Vader. The game is developed by ILMxLAB, that is, a division of Industrial Light and Magic dedicated to researching new experiences based on technology, and for which they have had the collaboration of big names in the industry.

The Vader Immortal script is the work of David S. Goyer (scriptwriter also of Batman The Dark Knight and the next installment of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War), and in the development part they have had the work of Ninja Theory - the creators of Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice or DMC- which are also one of the studios that have made the best use of the Unreal Engine 4 engine, on which Vader Immortal runs.


The result is three brief episodes, but in which different styles of gameplay alternate, punctuated by a story in which we meet the most mystical Vader and also the one who best demonstrates his skill with the lightsaber, as in the memorable sequence of Rogue One A story. from Star Wars. In fact, we returned to the castle on the planet Mustafar, which was briefly seen in the movie.

Vader Immortal can be taken almost like a theme park attraction

In which there is a bit of everything that fans would want: of course the fighting with lightsabers, confrontations against squads of stormtrooper and giant creatures, a bit of exploration with climbing mechanics, as in The Climb or Robinson The journey, simple puzzles, use of the Force and sequences in spaceships... although we have lacked the possibility of piloting a fighter in VR


The main problem is that none of these "set pieces" offer depth of play, and we are finished in a breath... just enough to enjoy a little, "like a theme park attraction".

As for the version for PSVR, it is the same game, only that we can download it at once (remember that the launch on Oculus was episodic, for several weeks) but the development remains at the same level as the original, and in fact It is one of the titles that looks the most in terms of character modeling, animations and lighting of the VR platform.


The music -which are new compositions instead of the classic themes of John Williams- and the voices (only in English) are still excellent, and the sound section is completed with perfectly recognizable sound effects, such as lighting the lightsaber , Vader's breathing and the sound of the Imperial Tie Fighter engines passing our ship. The Sith Lord's presence is impressive, and he manages to "fill" every scene in which he appears.

It is also necessary to applaud that many accessibility options have been integrated (in addition to the movement by "teleportation" and the rotation by angles, which avoid motion sickness) although it is still quite heavy that the game has not been dubbed into Spanish, since the subtitles " They get "completely out of the experience."

Is Vader Immortal worth it?

Well, it is a title that is not very playable, but if you are fans of the saga, you will love the first round... then it will be one of those games that you put on visitors so that they feel what it is to use a lightsaber ( with PS Move), but it is not a game that is going to keep us hooked for more than a couple of hours.

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