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Lucasfilm has presented what the future of the franchise will be from now on. There were already rumors about where the shots would go from here on, finally, the study has confirmed it. The new period of time in which the Star Wars universe will take place will be called High Republic, as anticipated. The story will be located 200 years before the period explored in the prequels of the beginning of the century. For now, the projects that have already been confirmed for this new era are books and comics. On August 25 will start the "High Republic Era" with the novel "Light of the Jedi", by author Charles Soule. This book will introduce another type of Jedi, a border policeman in the purest Sheriff style who will move in a catastrophic narrative context called "The Great Disaster."

"We will see many Jedi coming together to handle that terrible situation," Soule said in the video. "How would the Jedi handle something so terrible in a context like the galactic? That scene opens the novel and at the same time, the whole saga is built from that," the author continued. After "The Great Disaster" a new one emerges Star Wars villain, "The Nihil", a character and his henchmen that have so far been described as "space Vikings" and which were deliberately designed to be as different as possible from the Empire's "Stormtroopers", something much more "punk "The artist Iain McCaig, who designed the appearance of Darth Maul in" The Phantom Menace, "has been commissioned to design from Nihil to several creatures that we will know throughout history.

But ... ¿And what about the movies?


At the moment nothing has been announced around the big screen. In any case, it should be noted that the universe itself will move from now on in the "High Republic Era". As it happened before in the franchise, the movies, series, animation series including video games all follow the same story. Thus, although no plan has yet been revealed to bring to the big screen this new stage located 200 years before Episode I, it is a matter of time. Maybe LucasFilm is waiting to see how this new stage starts to start outlining how the move to the big screen will be. We will have to wait, therefore, for the launch of "Light of Jedi", which will be next August 25, from there everything is possible.


The truth is that, although virtually the entire universe of the franchise will go to an unknown terrain, Disney Plus will continue to focus on the Skywalker saga to profile its series of the future. It seems that the platform will still try to stretch the gum. At the moment they are going perfectly with "The Mandalorian", which is already waiting for a second season. In addition, a series centered on the figure of "Obi-Wan Kenobi" will be released, which will accompany "Cassian Andor", which will be a spin-off of the movie "Rogue One". For now, what is clear is that there are Star Wars for a while.

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