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Yesterday after a long wait they handed me a copy of the game Star Wars: Squadrons and I assure you that they have no waste and for this I became a real pilot and enjoy exciting space battles in the Star Wars universe with this great action game that is inspired by great classics from Star Wars like the mythical X-Wing. With a commitment to multiplayer, but without neglecting its solo campaign, Star Wars Squadrons I am going to give you a few reasons to get excited about this video game.


Star Wars Squadrons calls attention to its commitment to the first-person view, from the cockpit of the ships, but also that certain "realism" that defines its piloting. It is not a simulator, but neither is it an arcade. And although sometimes navigating between two waters is a problem, EA Motive has managed to create a truly authentic flight experience, really fun, which only delves into one of the great mottos that has served to bring Squadrons to life: " this is a game of skill. " It is something that its director repeated to us on several occasions and it is also something that you will soon discover, both in its single-player campaign and, especially, in online battles, where skill is everything. Not the special weapons or missiles you have equipped; you and only you at the controls of an X-wing or a TIE fighter. You don't need more..


There is something epic in this way of understanding action; something that will make you remember many of the great moments of the film saga, whether it is dodging missiles at the last moment, surviving them against all odds with an intelligent use of shields, or annihilating an entire enemy squad in a matter of seconds. Piloting the ships of Star Wars Squadrons is a rewarding experience in which the deeper you go, the more you enjoy, as you discover new ways to surprise your rivals; to maximize the destructive and defensive potential of your war machines. Each of them transmits different sensations: its weight, maneuverability, resistance, maximum speed or attack force. There are many factors that influence piloting, but what I have certainly enjoyed the most has been the energy management itself, of the ship's systems.


I think most of us fans react in the same way to the announcement of Star Wars Squadrons. "Multiplayer? Goodbye to a good campaign." Fortunately, the opposite is true. After the battle of Endor, the New Republic and the Empire continue their fight throughout the galaxy, and in this context, EA Motive gives us the opportunity to experience this war from the perspective of the Rebels, in the Vanguard Squad, and that of the Empire as one of the Titan Squad pilots. The best? That the story, without being transcendental, is followed with great interest thanks to well-defined characters, with their own background, and a global conflict that does not feel like the typical excuse to face us here and there for any nonsense. The New Republic has a plan, the Empire has a goal, and the way in which the two intersect is at times very satisfying.


So it is difficult not to have a great time fighting against other players, because all the good things that stood out from the control of the ships are exposed here with greater clarity, feeling even more like a real pilot. The fighting is demanding but the more you play, the more you want to improve to be able to defeat anyone who crosses your path, and I think it is one of the great triumphs of EA Motive's work. Tired of fighting in these little skirmishes? The Battle of Fleets is imposed as the most epic and colossal alternative of Star Wars Squadrons, because here you not only fight in a 5 vs 5 battle; In between there are dozens of fighters and cruisers controlled by artificial intelligence, so you really are in a massive combat capable of providing incredible moments. The objective here is to destroy the capital ship of the opposing side, but to achieve this, you must first shoot down their battlecruisers, and the occasional frigate that will regularly make an appearance.


It is a great pleasure to see the ships in great detail. Actually, it is a pleasure to enjoy the action of Star Wars Squadrons, as graphically an exceptional job has been done. The interior of the cabins is recreated with great detail and, as I said, if you play with virtual reality, the feeling of being there is amazing. The scenarios in which you fight are not very original, but there are a few that are spectacular; without forgetting all those effects of lights, explosions and turbo lasers here and there, creating pictures worthy of a movie. You can see the passion with which EA Motive has given life to a video game that is also pure spectacle in terms of sound, not only because of the soundtrack, which has a beastly role in the action, but especially because of all those subtle sound effects that help get you even more into the action. If the sound of the remains of other ships colliding with your cabin has even been recreated, which of course, you will see light up with the flashes of the shots, or covered in smoke if you have suffered too much damage.



What I think of the game after playing

Inspired by classics like the iconic X-Wing, Star Wars Squadrons successfully combines simulation with arcade action to create a space combat experience that no Star Wars fan should miss. With a good solo campaign and fun multiplayer, EA Motive has created a demanding but at the same time very rewarding flight experience, with spectacular graphics and a commitment to virtual reality that shows once again the great potential of this technology.

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