[UPVU] Witness ranking of @upvu.witness

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At first, @upvu.witness was out of the top 100.
Currently, 59th.

Thanks to your support. ^^

The witness rewards received so far are about 15 SP.

Not the main witness, but once every two hours, we are receiving 1.276 SP as a reward.

If you look at the bottom, it looks like it's less than 2 hours looking at 9 and 10 hours.
Looking at the block information, it was received at 11:28:18 and then rewarded again at 13:23:27.
The interval is 1 hour, 55 minutes and 9 seconds.

We also looked at other rewards to make sure this time is always maintained.
You can see the difference from the above at intervals of 1 hour 57 minutes 18 seconds.

It seems that rewards do not always occur with the same time difference.

If we do not become the main witness, the reward we receive per day will be about 12 * 1.276 = 15.312 as of today.
Because it is too small, the distribution of rewards is meaningless.
Currently, we will continue to accumulate this reward.

There is a witness who is already distributing witness rewards.

He distributes rewards to voters on a daily basis and posts the details as follows.

@upvu.witness will distribute in a similar way as above, but we would like to do it in a different way.
In the case of @exnihilo.witness, the SP received as witness rewards is powered down and distributed.

@upvu.witness will continue to accumulate SP, delegate to @upvu and distribute the steem rewards received from @upvu.
The reasons for this decision are as follows.

  • At first, the rewards will be small, but if you constantly accumulate SP, you will be able to receive a larger amount of rewards each day later.
  • Even if the witness compensation is not received, compensation can be distributed.
  • The more accounts that do not post, the more advantageous the users who post to @upvu, so it seems to be helpful for the operation of @upvu.

It seems impossible to join the main witness, but I'll keep working hard anyway.
We ask for your support.

Please witness vote @upvu.witness.
Thank you so much. :)

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10000스파 임대했는데 반영이 되지 않고 있네요


보팅이 들어오지 않았네요. 확인 부탁드립니다.

안녕하세요, @rideg님.

오전에 잠깐 점검하느라 1시간 정도 보팅이 지연되었습니다.
모두 처리되었으니 참고바랍니다.


Hi @punicwax,

We apologize for not responding quickly to your comments.
And thank you so much for guiding English users how to use UPVU.

I think we introduce this post to English speaking users.

No problem. Appreciate your response, and I am hoping to spread the word through Bitcointalk

I made a thread here, if you or anyone else would comment it would help new users come to upvu

가능한 한 빨리 메시지 열에 광고를 푸시 할 것임을 알면 어떤 활동입니까?

@upvu I have chosen you as a witness ... good luck.

Great! Keep up your good work 👍♥️

업뷰는 최근 보팅금액이나 데일리 스팀 배당 양이 확연히 줄어들었는데, 전부다 스팀 가격 하락 영향인거지요?

안녕하세요 @lucky2015님!

현재 2가지가 영향을 주고 있는 것 같습니다.

첫 번째로, 보팅금액은 스팀가격과 직결되기 때문에 확연히 줄어드는 것이 맞습니다. ㅠㅠ 저희도 가슴이 아프네요. ㅠㅠ

두 번째로, 스팀재단에서 천오백만 스팀파워도 챌린지를 하고 있는 것도 영향이 있습니다. 전체 글/큐레 보상 Pool의 사이즈는 동일한데, 2주전쯤 부터 보팅을 적극적으로 하다보니, 파이를 더 많이 나눠먹는 부분도 영향이 있다고 판단됩니다.

이러나 저러나 스팀 가격이 오르면 다 허락될텐데 말이죠 ㅠㅠ

얼른 다시 회복되기를 바래봅니다.

아~ 천오백만 스팀파워 챌린지의 열혈보팅에 따른 영향도 있는거군요^^;
답변 감사합니다~


Delegated 1990 Steem to @upvu, but I'm not getting a vote nor Steem. Please look into this

Hi, @hersi007.

Sorry for the late reply.
From the day after the delegation, there is a one-day voting, but on the second day it was reflected normally. Unfortunately, SP has already been undelegated, so it was not reflected today.

It's a while, but thank you for participating.

Should have waited for your reply instead of pulling out the delegation. Reason I undelegate the Steem was that i was not getting any daily Steem rewards as claimed on my page on upvu.site .

Will have to delegate the 1990 Steem back ASAP

UPVU offers two types of upvoting and STEEM rewards (on delegation).

In the case of upvoting, it is applied from the day after delegation (0~24:00 Korean time).

In the case of STEEM rewards, it will be paid after 6 days. Instead, even if you undelegate, you will be paid another 6 days.

This is because in the case of STEEM reward, it is paid in proportion to the Curation Reward 6 days before.


  ·  last year (Edited)

I upvoted your witness @upvu

I'll try to delegate more.

upvu witness.PNG

Happy day, hope you are well.

I have voted for your witness and others you support, I have time on steemit but I am new to appics.

What should I do to receive your support? May God continue to bless you to continue to help others. @upvu