STEEM ENGINEのOpen Orders機能

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Open Orders機能は、各トークンの注文をまとめてみることができ、注文の取り消しもできます。












Open Orders機能を使えば、注文したまま決済されていない注文も忘れることもありませんね

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@yasu transfered 0.5 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 3.20%, voting power : 80.84%, steem power : 1865552.61, STU KRW : 1200.
@yasu staking status : 250 KRWP
@yasu limit for KRWP voting service : 0.75 KRWP (rate : 0.003)
What you sent : 0.5 KRWP [45515290 - 106637bb21dd14e784461d00455341f969e8fbcd]

Hello @yasu! :) I noticed that you attempted to receive a vote from me about 6 hours ago~ or so. I have already voted on this post and will potentially be voting on your future posts for free in efforts to promote curation and quality posts. :) As a note, which has not been stated yet... I will also be resteeming any posts for STEEM/SBD sent above 0.2 for promotion using the @ezpromote account! This account will be part of a collective of accounts that will be used to promote content on the blockchain and to reward members of the community for consistent interaction/posting/commenting/etc! :)

For now, I would suggest only sending the minimum required of 0.1 STEEM/SBD, so that you can maximize the value while the bot continues to grow in SP through delegations requested and those wishing to earn. If you would like your posts resteemed as well, then simply send 0.2 STEEM/SBD. I only mention this because I noticed you sent 1 whole STEEM with your link. I wanted to make sure you were aware that this would not return the value of that vote yet, but would merely increase the rate at which the bot grows, as all direct earnings from the bot will be powered back up into it. If it was your wish to help the bot grow while you receive some value in promotion, great! :) If not, then consider sending a lower amount so that you are not losing value in what is paid, since the bot is not powerful enough to make a 1 STEEM payment profitable (Just yet! :P) and would return a fraction of what you've sent in value.

The resteem feature of this bot has not been announced yet, but will be later today, along with the announcement of the Minecraft server and the framework for how Starcraft 2/MTGA/etc competitions will be set up.

We are looking to create so much more than just a vote/resteem bot, a minecraft server, SC2/MTGA/Fortnite competitions, or a new upcoming game being developed, those are just the tip of the iceberg! With that said, I hope you stick around with us to see what we will blossom into in the future!

Thank you for using our service, we appreciate it! In the future, you may receive other free promotions from us. Here's a little bit of a copy/paste for you to get the basic idea:

I will likely promote you in the future again for free as well. I am running a free promotion campaign for the whole upcoming month of August. :) There are big plans in the works for this bot and the other accounts I will be setting up, to promote on this chain, as well as create some fun initiatives and contests and the likes both on and off chain and in different ways! Hope to see you participating in the future! For now, we are raising the stake of this account to provide even more value to you for your use of it. Every day more and more delegation is coming in, so it's value is steadily rising! :)

Thank you again, sincerely! :) We look forward to growing together and growing the community together! Best wishes!