Insight to my INT holdings 08.2019

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I've been pretty much staking as INT as soon as I receive some.
I currently have 76 INT staked and plan on staking more as I collect more. It's pretty easy to make some if you're posting on Steem and such, especially if you already have a hustle (or several!) going. There are also several articles/videos out now that cover how to buy and stake INT, which is a super simple process.

I really like the INT community because of the focus of the group is for the betterment of humanity. In a world of possibilities, we can use our entrepreneurial ways to bring business to our local land regions and simultaneously expand our local economies with a growing global network. We could impact & improve people's lives directly, without political/governmental censorship & pickpocketing.
I have several ideas that I am working on to implement to help those who fall through the system's gears.

The discord group is always active and always full of friendly, helpful, welcoming people! If you have ANY queries, comments, concerns, there are plenty of folks willing to answer what you need. There are also quests to complete for INT or you can just hang out too.

CLICK HERE to join the #Intrepreneurs on Discord!

int int int int.gif
Feel free to use this #INT gif but
please credit/tag me if you do, thanks. 💕


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