A nice Reggae Music from Ras Muhammad

in jahm •  3 years ago 

Reggae Music from Indonesia.

Slowly but surely! That is a proper sentence to desribe the popular of Reggae music in Indonesia. The Reggae Music has been popular in the world. The success of several Reggae songs is a proof that the kind of music can be loved well Indonesian music lovers.

Since the kind of music popularized by Bob Marley in the 80s was not only popularized by music workers from abroad but noe there are several oroginal Reggae music produced by Indonesian Artist.

Reggae musicians in Indonesia are also quite successful by producing several songs that have become hits among music lovers in Indonesia.

Now I share with you a Reggae music from Ras Muhammad. I hope you love it.

Thanks for reading and viewing the link of reggae music I share.

Happy listening.


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I forgot to erase it but i wont do it next time. Thanks for your suggestion.