"What does #ccc stand for? What does #ccc mean to you? Contest #ccc 2.18"

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This is my entry for the contest proposed by @wakeupkitty on the meaning of the #CCC label:

For today, the meaning of #CCC to me is to be a Constellation´s corporate consistent.

The breadth of the Universe has always captivated man so that with his imagination they have grouped the stars into clusters in what is known as Constellations, so thinking this immediately associates this with the Corporate, Consistent work we do on steemit.com as a community . So this is the proposed definition.


Image source - pixabay.com

  • As Constelacion we work under the premise of success, with the brightness of each of our stars illuminating the Blockchain with our ideas, concerns and hopes.

  • With a Corporate vision that leads to the assertive identification of each of its members located in a globalized world.

  • Carrying out work actions on a Consistent basis so that quality work can be achieved within the framework of excellence.

The new approach given by #newsteem allows what is expressed in the previous ideas to be a reality. Only with the participation of committed steemians can we collectively scale the desired success.

In addition to the contest of the constant exchange of ideas, it will give the necessary impetus to the growth and economic strengthening of the participating members, if this does exist, everything would be possible.

Let's continue working as Constellation, Consistent Corporate and everything will be reality.

I invite the members of the #CCC Community to express their opinions regarding their meaning.

Thanking your upvotes, comments and resteem.

Happy monday

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With this post you did not only surprised me but also impressed me. @freedomshift should read this.

I am happy you joined this contest and give us this week again a good tead to think over, work and to stand for!

Thank you so much for your entry. You have number #3. I wish you good luck and a great day.

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You're welcome, I'm certainly satisfied with the contest having the opportunity to express good ideas.

I think it was good to change this contest a bit and make it in a way there is room for interpretation and free expression. To read something new that triggers and keeps the mind busy. Have a great day. 💕