One Month of Faucet Earnings! + Reached 200 SP!

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Important milestones to talk about this time! But first, the faucets experiment "report."

This past week, the average claim from Bonus Bitcoin dropped from 6 satoshi to 4 satoshi because the Bitcoin price went up (faucets tend to pay in less quantity when crypto prices rise). Because of this, as well as because I had less time for faucets last week, I couldn't reach my usual average of 200 satoshi per day, and had to be content at the 130-150 range. But even though I got less satoshi, the rise in Bitcoin price means that what I got is worth more, so the end result should more or less balance out.

Despite the rise in Bitcoin prices, STEEM went in the opposite direction and dropped a lot last week, which also means I got more STEEM for less satoshi. In total, I got around 2,671 satoshi, converted to 0.0031043775 Dash and traded for 1.628 STEEM through BlockTrades (here is the Steemd link showing the transaction).

Then, I added the 0.095 STEEM I got from my SP delegation to Brazilians, and 0.045 STEEM for holding 5 QuratorTokens (sadly the daily payouts decreased from 0.007 STEEM to 0.006 halfway through the week). The result was 1.768 STEEM, that I powered up.

This was my fourth week of my faucets experiment. Which means...

One Month Has Passed!

August 12th, 2019 marked one month since I started this experiment of using faucets to help grow my SP. So, let's check the overall results!

Considering only what came from faucets, not counting the STEEM from delegation returns and QuratorTokens, I got:

  • First three days: 0.335 STEEM.
  • Week 1: 1.460 STEEM.
  • Week 2: 1.588 STEEM.
  • Week 3: 1.405 STEEM.
  • Week 4: 1.628 STEEM.
    Total powered up from faucets: 6.416 STEEM.

Not bad! And if we also include delegation returns, QuratorToken payouts and other things in the total, we get:

  • The week of the first three faucet days: 0.460 STEEM.
  • Week 1: 1.604 STEEM.
  • Week 2: 2 STEEM.
  • Week 3: 1.550 STEEM.
  • Week 4 (including a 1 STEEM donation I received as help to grow my SP): 2.768 STEEM.
  • Total powered up: 8.382 STEEM.

I'm quite satisfied with the results. This makes me think, if I had started this faucets experiment when I joined STEEM, even without delegation returns or donations, I'd have become free from Steemit's initial 15 SP delegation way sooner (less than three months considering SP from post rewards, around half of the time it took me).

Speaking of my SP growth, I'm also excited about this post because it not only marks the "one month of faucets" milestone, but also because this last power up got me to 200 SP! Actually, 201...


Image source: Pixabay

I had thought of publishing another SP milestone post once I got to 150 SP, but that plan was somehow left behind when I was at 136 SP and traded 10 SBD for 35 STEEM which I powered up, and ended up skipping to 171 SP. Just one month has passed since then, and I've already reached 201 SP. I think it was rather quick.

Out of these 201 SP, only 17.0515 SP were bought (a small amount of STEEM I bought as a test). Still trying to buy more, and finding I'm terrible at the cat and mouse game of crypto prices and limit trade orders. I'm rather patient, though. I'll get the hang of it eventually! Meanwhile, I'll keep at it getting STEEM by STEEM at the faucets :D .

In case anyone else wants to use the faucets I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips.

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It is cool that you upgrade one Steem at the time. ;)

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Let's see how long I can keep doing it, and where these 1 STEEM upgrades will take me :D .

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Step by step. Like that way. I call it mini-mining. Do you have Free electricity you can also make steem with minnowsmithparty

I had considered using Minnowsmith, but sadly electricity in my country is very expensive...

then it is not a good idea. Keep on stacking - You play steemmosnters too?

I play Steem Monsters, though not as much as I used to, because of some accessibility issues I've been having with the website. I still like the game, though.

Oh - I am reading your post now. I hope they make it better for you later on

The user who had replied to me said he'd inform the devs about the issue, but no fix yet. I know this kind of thing isn't a priority because visually impaired users must be minority, but I hope they'll fix it eventually.

Yes absolutely.
Just hope for so

!Beer 1 Thanks for your comments at My posts . CHEERS!

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