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This is a review of a service on Steemit called DustSweeper. I have personally used this service and found it very useful.DustSweeper solves a problem called “dust”.

The Problem
There is a minimum amount of either author or curation reward that a post or comment must earn for you to get paid. I didn’t know this when I started and wondered why my smallest rewards didn’t show up in my wallet after seven days. If your rewards earned are less then 0.020 you don’t get paid. Those rewards are called “dust”. That’s frustrating because that reward of 0.019 might be your first author reward, but it doesn’t get paid to you. Sadly all you need is 0.001 more to get paid. Fortunately there is a solution called “dustsweeper”.

The Solution
You get rid of dust rewards with a program called “dust sweeper”. “Dust sweeper” is a bot; A bot is an automatic computer program which performs a function or carries out a transaction. If you pay the “Dustsweeper” fee, the “dust sweeper” ”bot” checks each of your post author rewards, your curation rewards and your comment rewards on day # 6 and if any are less then 0.02 and it upvotes them enough to get paid. This eliminates the “dust rewards”. So now you get paid a little for each post you write or comment you make. And l think these small payments mean a lot when your new.

How to start
Send 1 Steem to @dustsweeper
Put your Steem account name or the account name of the person you wish to give Dustsweeper to in the memo line. That’s it!

When your funds start to run low you will get a memo from Dustsweeper and you can send 1 Steem or amounts smaller then 1.0 Steem to keep it going!

Keep Steeming! 🚂

More Information: @dustsweeper

  1. Dust sweeper FAQ:

  2. Dust sweeper update: https://steemit.com/community/@danielsaori/dustsweeper-update-send-gifts-to-users

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I dig @dustsweeper. I hope they also stake up on scot tokens too so when they do find dust they can help you and give you a little extra too

I didn’t realize that, thanks for the information. I am still learning where to find information here on Steem Engine.

That’s cool ideau

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Thank you

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I am using @dustsweeper from your previous nice post on it couple of months ago. Its good. It saved great for minnow like us. Thanks

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I am glad it helped you out

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I use @dustsweeper too. Dusty has been a good friend 😉

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I am glad to hear that.

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This is a good service for minnows and plankton..