How to Block Multiple Fast Punches

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If you learn how to defend against punches, you know it very well. You practice with your training partner. Your partner punches you, you block that punch and then you punch. This is how you usually practice.

The thing is, your opponent will not throw a single punch and then wait for you so that you can block and punch. He or She can keep punching very fast. When you face this kind of situation, it is difficult to block or parry. And then counter attack.

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As soon as you block one punch, there is another punch and it is coming nonstop. If you block the first punch, your opponent will hit you on his second punch. Or if you block the first and second punch, you will get hit by the third punch.

So what are you going to do?

Maybe you think if you step backward, it will work. It might work. One thing to remember, your opponent can move forward, close the gap, and keep punching.

Hope you understand why I am saying it is difficult to block multiple punches. When you are on the street, someone keeps doing punches like this, no one is going to come and stop that. It is you who can do something about it. When you block punches, make sure that your opponent gets hurt every time you block his/her punch. If he/she gets hurt, he/she thinks twice before making the next move. And you get the time to make your move and get out of there.

When someone throws multiple punches, cover properly so that you don't get hit on the face. As soon as you get attacked like this, don't just block, counter-attack. And get out of the situation pretty fast. When we are talking about self defense, safety for yourself always comes first. Be aware of the situation, get out of the spot as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts about how to block multiple fast punches.

Take care! Always be happy!

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When it comes to punching, i am 200% weak in that. I easily give up

You can do better. Thank you for your comment.

Yea. I hope so