Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street - The Truth

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If you think only which martial art you are learning is the best, probably you do not take the time to learn about other martial arts. From the outside, you can say things that might not be relevant.

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When you study martial arts, you learn many things. That time you think what you are learning is highly effective. Yes, it can be effective for fighting with someone on the mat or for a competition. When you have to fight on the ground, I mean on the street, a lot of things will be changed.

The title of the post is why your Aikido will fail on the street. If you want to know exactly why it can fail on the street fight, I highly recommend watching this video. It is better to hear from experts of that particular martial art.

What I am going to say, it is not about any particular martial art. I will give a general view.

Maybe you are taught different movement that looks nice and feels good. Or sometimes you think it is too complicated. In a street fight, it is always better to keep it simple. The fact is, when you are attacked and you have to defend yourself, you are not going to remember all those movements or simply you don't like to use them because all you want is to defend yourself and move from there safely.

You might be sad when you see those moves are totally useless although you spend a lot of time learning that. When it comes to self defense, go back to basic. You can apply the basic and deal with the situation successfully.

Fighting in a match to be a champion is a sport. Fighting for self defense is for survival. It might look the same, but two different things, two different views, and two different end results.

So if you don't understand the difference between these two, and apply what works for self defense, your martial art will fail on the street. Thank you so much for reading this post. If you want to add something or express your thoughts, please comment below.

Take care! Always be happy!

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I couldn't agree more. The mis-placed confidence from people who stufy martial arts is more dangerous to them than not knowing most often.

The only way a martal art can help on the street is when it has been practiced and drilled for so long that moves are triggered by habit and not thought. That takes a couple of years at least!

The only way a martial art can help on the street is when it has been practiced

You're right. I entirely agree with you. When you are under pressure and little nervous, how much can you remember the particular time? And this is what usually happens when you have to fight for self defense.

Thank you so much @spamfarmer for your feedback! Really appreciate that!

You are welcome! I always love to read a balanced and realistic view of the Martial Arts!

Me too. I will talk about martial arts and realistic view of self defense.
Glad to find like-minded people here on SportsTalkSocial! :)

Martial art is a must for anyone for self defence have been grateful to a friend of mind who teach me some moves for self defence and i feel confident :)

Everyone should learn some self defense. Who knows when we need that?
Glad to know you learn some moves for self defense. Thank you @blazing for your feedback!

Remember the Steven Segal days, all demonstrations nothing to do with a real fight. I'm sure Aikido has some hand twisting techniques or whatever that could hurt an opponent if catching him of guard. Other than that I call BS on Aikido:)

Nicely written @rezoanulvibes! Enjoy your day!

Unnecessary or fancy moves can look good, but it is not going to help you for self defense on the street. Thank you @kid4life for your feedback! I appreciate that!