Bowl Made From Clay.

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Hello everyone !!
On this occasion I present a beautiful bowl made of clay.


If you notice that there are many types of materials around us that can be utilized, and can be used as basic ingredients to create various types of high-value works of art.


One of the basic ingredients that is widely used is clay. Clay has been used by the people before, they used clay not only to create bowls.

Their predecessors used clay to make various types of tools used for daily use, and also they used clay to make large and magnificent buildings that are famous today.


This bowl is one of the things that are used for everyday use in my house.
I immortalized it using a Smartphone Camera.

Simple things will look awesome if you pour art on him. @afril
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That's good pottery there made out from clay.
A beauty of a beholder such thing I haven't seen before.
Do you have more in collection?

Thanks 😁

You are welcome friend.
Sweet piece yesterday.
so priceless you own.

Clay pottery penggunaan is bagus bagus sekali.
Long before ceramic there were gunaan clay , dan gunaan ni yang penting.
Use to make pot , piring , mangkok for everyday use.

Thank you 😀