Complete The Task To Be Made EOS.

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Hello friend.!!
On this happy occasion I share games that can generate $$.



Prospectors is a game that can make real money, game prospectors are very easy to play, because in this game you only need to take on the task of building to get gold.

To play this game you must have an EOS account, after you have it you only need to enter gmail and enter the active key of your EOS account.



In this game you have three tough workers, they will create gold for you. You only have to double-tap their pictures, to look for assignments, work assignments have a long time, but the pay is a little, here you have to choose to get a task that produces a lot of gold.

After you take your assignment immediately paid for with a certain amount of gold, the gold you get can be directly exchanged and made into a PGL token.
After becoming a PGL token, you can also convert it to EOS coins.


This game is one of the many games created to produce coins without having to buy on the market. with this game many people can trade and connect with the coin market, and they can transact and invest there.

Hopefully useful @afril

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