Steem Needs Stone To Jump Up.

in neoxian •  2 years ago 

The steem movement that has taken place so far is very sharp downward and blunted upwards, the events that have taken place so far have caused many items to jam and be bound above.
Gerakan steem yang telah terjadi sejauh ini sangat tajam ke bawah dan tumpul ke atas, peristiwa yang telah terjadi sejauh ini telah menyebabkan banyak item macet dan terikat di atas.

The items bound above must remain bound, because if they are released, large losses will be very painful.
Barang-barang yang terikat di atas harus tetap terikat, karena jika dilepaskan, kerugian besar akan sangat menyakitkan.
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Feeling of optimism is a thought that needs to be applied to overcome excessive concerns, usually market setbacks are one feature before flying rockets.
especially in Steem he needs a large needle to get back up.
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