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Hello everyone, hope you all had an amazing weekend. @catscientist here for a quick weekly summary.

Both our markets seems fairly healthy right now. We are seeing CATS and KITTENS both trading without any influence from me, which is exactly what I hoped for. We have seen the KITTENS market creep slowly towards a nice balance between buy and sell orders. On the CATS side of things, we are starting to see all of our sell orders coming from the community and I'm hoping we see that market approach a nice balance like we are seeing with KITTENS. Very happy with how everything is playing out.

We also took our first automation steps this week. Made my life a lot easier and seems to be going smoothly. Next task is to automate the CATS for KITTENS trading but I don't have a timeline for that just yet.

As part of automation we established the Department of Science, led by me. I hope we can come up with some amazing inventions and technology for all of you in the future.

Two entries for our weekly bounty, @curatorcat and @catnet will both receive 5 KITTENS. Still thinking about what I want to do for a bounty/giveaway this week and I'm open to suggestions.

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Thank you for the bounty, and it's nice to see things going along as well as they are!


Still 20 Kittens for a CATS?

Yesterday I saw "Trading rate remains at 20:1" so I hope it is, because I'm about to do that trade!

I'm guessing we will be locked at 20:1 for a while.

Sorry to say, but I think I did not receive my CATS, either...

Transaction on 23.9.2019, 23:25:15
Transaction ID:
Sidechain Block: 2086698
From: @unicron
To: @catsmakekittens
Amount: - 40 KITTENS

could you please check on that?


sending them out now, sorry.

thx for the quick response and solution!
even with the increasing degree of automation, it is still a bumpy ride ;p
but we will get there eventually...

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Hey, I do not want to complain, but I miss my cat, for which I sent 20 kittens yesterday. will now send 20 again. So you can send me two cats. greetings

Sorry, they weren't sent out this morning. Making corrections now.

Thank you.