Cats Make Kittens - MIA and Mistakes Were Made!

in neoxian •  3 years ago 


So sorry for the absence everyone. Haven't posted for a few days here and I missed my CATS distribution this morning. Correcting everything right now so have no fear. Sending out KITTENS for any trades sent in yesterday, so no one misses out on any CATS and KITTENS goodness.

Don't be mad everyone, I'm just a cat trying to make it in this crazy crypto world!

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!giphy cat+fight

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It's OK, be patient, more players coming to play :-)
Games have slow and fast periods.

I got my CATS token for the KITTENS I sent, and the extra KITTENS for that CATS, so thanks!

Sending another 20 KITTENS for 1 CATS right now. Have a nice night! :)

Hey man - where do I send my kittens? I'd love to know!

At current exchange rates, you can sent 20 KITTENS to @catsmakekittens on and the next day they will send you back 1 CATS.

Thank you sir :)

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Hey! I have some kittens I want to trade for cats - what is the process of trading it in?

Also - would you like some neoxag delegation? I really like what you're doing :)

Send the KITTENS directly to me trading ratio is 20:1 currently.

Things happen, and life gets busy! And sometimes things fall through the cracks when life is busy. It's nice to see that more people are adopting CATS, though.