Cats Make Kittens - So Much Free Time

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So much free time, I just don't know what to do with myself. @catbank is handling KITTENS distribution, @catscientist is busy with the new Department of Science and I'm just left here with nothing to do. I send out the new CATS each morning and then I'm left sitting here in my office twiddling my thumbs all day. I never thought advancement would be this boring.

I think I'm gonna go have a nap.

A message from @catscientist

Trading rate remains at 20:1

I'm busy working in the Department of Science and sending out lots of upvotes to the community. Did I mention that we have over 110k NeoxAg now? Looks like someone did a massive dump on the NeoxAg market so we filled our orders and have now powered up a nice chunk of NeoxAg. We won't be actively buying anymore unless we see more sales on the market so all growth will be from what we earn via posting and curating moving forward. I do have about 200 Steem left and will be saving that for future plans.

Our weekly bounty is still open for anyone who writes a blog about @catsmakekittens and leaves me a link below. Winners will receive a share of the 10 KITTENS bounty.

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These pictures of kittens are so cute! I Love.

Guys, sorry again, let's see if I get it. Do I need to send 20 kittens to @catsmakekittens through Steem Engine to receive 1 Cats?

Then I start getting more kittens and also upvotes on my posts?

Do you have a Discord channel?

feline kisses...

yes, you currently have to send 20 kittens to @catsmakekittens to get a CAT.
and for every CAT you have, you get a 10% upvote from the bot (@catscientist).

Cool, @kaeves4711, I already have 10 kittens, to buy the other 10 and make 1 CAT, I can not buy directly from you, sending the value in STEEM? Do I need to buy tokens on Steem Engine? Thank you again

you can buy youre Kittens right here
from your Steem Engine Wallet you have to send it to@Catsmakekittens. if you send it today, you will receive the Cat and the kittens Tommorrow.
in your Steam Engine wallet

Ok, @kaeves4711, perfect, and then I need to stake ?

no, just let the CAT in your Wallet, the rest will be explain automaticly.
you can take a look at my wallet, that you see how i mean in

Thanks @kaeves4711

youre welcome @catsmakekittens

Seems to be working quite well! I am about to send some lovely little KITTENS your way. May still do another @catsmakekittens promo post... we'll see how much time we have this weekend!


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