Cats Make Kittens - So Sleepy

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I'm having a nice lazy weekend. That means everyone gets to enjoy a nice lazy post!

A message from @catscientist

Trading rate remains at 20:1

I will try to update the voting rules today so that everyone is getting more votes from the bot. Seems like we are getting pretty close to having the bot running pretty optimally so that we aren't wasting VP.

Thank you to @kaeves4711 for answering questions in the comments yesterday (I gave you a few extra votes)

Last chance for the weekly bounty. 10 KITTENS up for grabs split among anyone who writes a blog about @catsmakekittens and shares it in the comments.

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as part of the community, it is natural for me to answer the questions of the others as best I can.
but thanks for the extra vote :-)