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Looks like we had a big batch of adoptions yesterday. Great to see the market staying active and healthy. The Department of Science has been hard at work over the past week and we are still trying to perfect our system. The KITTENS automation appears to be going great but I'm still distributing CATS by hand and I think it's getting close to time to find a solution to make that simpler. The better everything runs, the happier everyone will be.

I will be gone until Monday so I will try to get everything updated tonight on the voting bot and then I will just be doing CATS distributions while I'm away.

Sorry for my lack of attention this past week. I will try to be better once I'm back in action on Monday. I might even have a little surprise ready for everyone...

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nice to hear some news! and yes, the CATS-market has been moving a little yesterday - I like to see that, maybe it helps spread the word...
and with the automation of the voting bot: thought about a curation trail on the voting bot? I would totally be in on that.
it would help bolster the voting account as well as lay a little more focus on the community-aspect - as I have to say, I think is a great "feature" on catsmakekittens, because I feel heard and responded to - of the token, as everyone helps helping everyone else, so to say...

I've never done any sort of curation trail. I do all the voting through steemrewarding. Haven't really looked to see if that's an option.

on you can create a curation trail for an account, meaning everbody who follows the account (the trail) automatically upvotes the post upvoted by the followed account.
so, if every CATS-holder upvotes every other CATS-holder, imagine where that can go...
btw, I also configured my account to auto-upvote the response to my upvoted post by @catscientist, if you do not mind...
i had the impression you might use something similar to, because it also offers some other automated upvote-options, including the creation of a "fanbase option" - meaning you automatically upvote a post published by the account in your fanbase - , which might be somehow similar to your bot works (although, yours seems more complex and sophisticated)...

maybe, if you find the time, you can take a look into it...

if you do not, i gladly be of assistance (as far at least, as i can be ;p ).

I don't think I want to set up a curation trail since the curation isn't being done manually. I don't filter where the votes go outside of a few very small filters. If I get the voting to a system that I feel more comfortable adding a curation trail, then I will add one.

sure thing. just an idea, after all...
(see, this is what i mean by "being heard and reponded to, kudos for that!)

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talking about the "community-aspect"...
(sorry, i read this one after i made my comment -.-' )

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